Reason 1 of 10 Why Jalen Hurts should Transfer to TCU

Reason 1 of 10 Why Jalen Hurts should Transfer to TCU

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Reason 1 of 10 Why Jalen Hurts should Transfer to TCU

All Jalen Hurts does is win, and all TCU does is win. It is a match made in heaven. The frogs have a long-standing tradition of winning in the Patterson era. Yet we are constantly disrespected by the media, college football playoff committee, and the fans of the so-called “Blue Blood” programs. Jalen Hurts must feel the same because I can’t think of anyone else in the NCAA that has had more success while being shown no respect. He is 26 and 2 as a starter, and one of those losses was by 4 points to Clemson in the Natty his Freshman year……. That’s insane. After his sophomore year, he literally was already one of the most successful QBs in College Football history. Let that sink in for a minute…..

“But guys that’s just because Bama is loaded” That’s a fair point Bama is loaded but if you take a look at the stats a wholly different picture emerges. Over essentially 2 1/2 season as a QB he has racked up the following numbers, 46 passing TD’s for 5,481 with a 62.8% completion rating and only 12 interceptions. That’s pretty damn good even without his rushing stats, which for the record are pretty damn good too(1,945 yds on 373 carries and 22 TD’s). Everyone hated on Jalen his Sophomore year and cried out for Tua, but did anyone ever stop and think that maybe Lane Kiffin was an excellent Offensive coordinator and Brian Daboll was just average? Lane Kiffin is arguably an offensive genius and completely transformed the Alabama offense. Before he arrived on campus Alabama’s offense was stuck in the 1990s. I have no doubt in my mind that the Alabama offense was systematically at its best when Kiffin was at the helm, and I think Bama fans would probably agree. I honestly think one of the biggest reasons Hurts play fell of his sophomore year was not having the offensive mind of Kiffin at the helm, in many ways it stunted his development as a QB. With that being said do you know who is excellent at developing QB talent? Sonny Cumbie.

Sonnie Cumbie transformed Trevone Boykin from a middle of the pack interception-prone QB into one of the elite quarterbacks in college football, and with Hurts, he has more to start with. Hurts has had his challenges throwing the football, but has proven that he has pockets of greatness in his arm.

He has a knack for the deep ball which has been the piece of our offense lacking most since Boykin graduated in 2015. And under the tutelage of Cumbie, I honestly think Hurts can become an elite all-around passer. I mean would you really not want to see Hurts wind up and launch the ball downfield into the arms of  Jalen Raegor? Jalen 2 Jalen has a beautiful ring to it, and not to mention, look how good Jalen looks in this throwback picture from a TCU camp…..

Damn its like he was born to wear the Purple and Black!!! So let’s make it official Jalen, come join the frogs, and we can go win the National Championship next year!

This is the first of our 10 part pitch to Jalen Hurts to join the frogs! More to come soon

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