A Bowl Game To Remember

A Bowl Game To Remember


A Bowl Game To Remember

The TCU Horned Frogs defeated the Cal Bears 10-7 Wednesday night in a very unique football game at a Major League Baseball park in Phoenix, Arizona.

This bowl game set the Twitter world on fire.

The contest had so many interceptions between the two programs that it was dubbed the Cheez-INT Bowl.

Both team’s quarterbacks struggled heavily. The Frogs fifth-year senior Grayson Muehlstein finished 7-20 for 20 yards with 4 interceptions. The Cal quarterbacks had a combined stat line of 17-33 for 164 yards and 5 interceptions.

Muehlstein got banged up and was forced to miss a few snaps. In came prized freshman recruit Justin Rogers at quarterback. Check this out.

That was sweet!

Fans thought this would be the most entertaining play of the Cheez-INT Bowl.

Fans were wrong. Watch this one.

Great defensive play by Jawuan Johnson who finished with 7 tackles, one tackle for loss, and one interception that he returned 72 yards to set up the game-winning field goal. Oh, and there was a penalty on the play.

Yes, that is the best sports information director in TCU history taking a sideline fall on national television. He did show some athletic ability with the tuck and roll in a suit. This resulted in a ridiculous call by the referees who penalized the Frogs 15-yards for sideline interference.

The penalty didn’t faze the Frogs, and Jonathan Song connected on this game-winning field goal.

The Horned Frogs won the game with stellar defensive play and a gutsy performance from offensive MVP Sewo Olinilua. The Frogs bruising running back finished with a TCU bowl record 32 carries for 194 yards and a touchdown.

It’s just another record-setting bowl game win against a Pac-12 team for the Horned Frogs.

It was a great week in Arizona for Frog fans. Things started off great and just kept getting better.

Thank you Cheez-It Bowl. It was fun.

Go Frogs!


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