Frogs Talk CHEEZ-IT Bowl

Frogs Talk CHEEZ-IT Bowl


Frogs Talk CHEEZ-IT Bowl

Senior, Defensive End: L.J. COLLIER

Q. You guys made it down here. What’s it like for you guys to be playing in the Cheez-It Bowl?
It is an honor, man. There was a point in the season we didn’t know if we were going to get here, but we’re here now. We’re just enjoying it. The hotel’s great. The hospitality is great. Everybody here is great. We’re just enjoying it, and we’re ready to play.

Q. During Christmas and the holidays, I don’t know if you’re here with your family. You’re with your teammates. What’s it like being here?
As Andy Dalton says, you only get one time a year to go to a bowl game. You get the rest of your life to spend with your family. It is an honor. It’s a privilege. It is always a privilege to go to a bowl game. This is a time to show off your hard work and why you guys are here.

Q. Talk about the preparation of the game.
I feel like we’re ready. Coach P always gets us right. That’s why when we make it to bowl games, that’s why we’re scary because we get so much time to prep for our one opponent and really dissect everything, watch film, and just try different things at practice.

Q. You guys face a lot of adversity this year. Talk about that and how you’re able to overcome it.
We just came together. We talked about it during the summer. We didn’t know we were going to have so many injuries. Next man up. Just got to go out there and play hard. That shows the recruiting and just how well we’re coached and how well we play.

Q. What are you most looking forward to in the game?
Really just getting out there because it has been a while since we played. So I’m just ready to get back out there again. Go, frogs!


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