Frogs Talk CHEEZ-IT Bowl

Frogs Talk CHEEZ-IT Bowl


Frogs Talk CHEEZ-IT Bowl

Junior, Offensive Tackle: LUCAS NIANG

Q. Just wanted to ask you a couple of questions. What is it like for you to be out here playing at the Cheez-It Bowl?
I’ve never been out here.

Q. What you did think about the name of the bowl, Cheez-It? I found out it was part of Fiesta Bowl. I can’t say I’ve had a better experience in terms of hospitality.

Q. How have you been planning for the game, mentally?Mentally? Watch films.

Q. Lucas, talk about your journey from Connecticut.
 I just wanted to play football at the highest level, with the best competition and get an education as well. So this school offered both of those. Distance wasn’t a factor for me.

Q. Did they talk to you about Mike [Collins] when he was in the process of coming? 
Yeah, after high school, not before, after high school. When I was home, we went out to dinner together.

Q. Obviously you’re a guy that gets a draft grade. Are you for sure coming back?
I’m not sure. I haven’t made a decision yet, but I’ll decide.

Q. Do you feel like you’re ready to take the next step?
That’s the goal, but I’m not in a rush, you know. I think highly of myself. I would like to go pretty high. They made me who I am. I wouldn’t be near as good without them.

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