Frogs Talk CHEEZ-IT Bowl

Frogs Talk CHEEZ-IT Bowl


Frogs Talk CHEEZ-IT Bowl


Q. Talk about your year.
It got better and better. A lot of young guys, a lot of new faces. Really kudos to Coach Patterson’s job. Glad we’re here.

Q. Talk about the transition from quarterback to safety. Was your college career everything you thought it would be?
It was a process. It was a process for sure. It was all worth it. Like I said, I was blessed to have a coach like Coach Patterson, the knowledge and just being able to change from quarterback into such a player.

Q. Was it interesting to see how well Gary [Patterson] does in turning offensive guys into defensive guys?
It is amazing, actually. He’ll find one or two things great about them and turn them into All-Conference. It is kudos to the job that Coach does. A blessing.

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27 Dec 18

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