Shawn Robinson: Thank U, Next

Shawn Robinson: Thank U, Next

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Shawn Robinson: Thank U, Next

In the words of Ariana Grande- I’m so F^&*^&$  grateful for my ex!

Shawn Robinson had the weight of The Frog Kingdom heaped onto his shoulders and for his first year starting he honestly did a decent job. Haters may disagree but at the end of the day, they are dead wrong.

Did he have the best season in the world? Not by a long shot, but unlike the haters want you to believe he certainly didn’t have the worst!

In the time he played he had a 60% completion rate throwing for over 1300 yards and 9 TD’s. He also added 3 TD’s on the ground giving him 12 total TD’s on the season. That’s the most of any member on the team all season. 

Take that in… after all the hate and all the cheers for our backup QB’s, Shawn was our most prolific offensive scorer throughout the year.

Could we have won a couple more games if he didn’t have so many turnovers? Probably. But the criticism he received from TCU fans was rather unwarranted for a first-year starter. Everyone is quick to forget Trevone Boykins subpar freshman and sophomore years where his interceptions were abundant. Everyone also seems to forget that going into the 2014 season everyone expected Matt Joeckel to start over him. LOL… Matt was a great guy and a pretty good ball player but if you think we are winning the Peach Bowl with him then you are lying to yourself.

So, why is he leaving? There are a variety of possible reasons but I have narrowed it down to three possibilities:

1.)    Is he afraid he lost his spot already? 

This is most likely the narrative with the most weight so far. Michael Collins played decently well through the second half of the season and honestly didn’t receive any of the scrutiny for mistakes like Shawn did. In the age of social media, this can have a huge impact on the ego of a starting QB. Apples to apples, I think Shawn played better overall than Collins and provided more to the offense but if you read the tweets by fans you would think the exact opposite. 

There is also a staple of young talent flowing into the program at the QB position. Both Justin Rogers and Max Duggan have the potential to be elite QB’s at the college level, which might have led Shawn to see a dimmer future at TCU and decide to get a head start with another program. If I were in his shoes, I might want to make that leap as well. 

TCU fans certainly haven’t been throwing praise onto him and I can’t seem to find anyone besides myself outside the program that is excited for his potential with TCU. With all of that hate out there why wouldn’t he consider another program?

2.)    Did he feel disrespected by the armchair haters on social media?  

This is an easy YES. I’m sure there’s a lot more hate when you “underperform” at big SEC schools but the level of hate I saw regarding Shawn on social media from TCU fans was pretty unreal. People were calling for Collins as soon as the Texas game ended and didn’t stop hollering until Shawn’s season ended with shoulder surgery. That has to be rough on the psyche for a first-year starter.  

At some point, the fans have to take a little bit of the blame for running Shawn out the door. Most TCU fans don’t even seem to want him as our quarterback which is sad to hear. And if that’s the sentiment from the fanbase, why in the world would he want to stay around?

3.)    Was he just not a good fit with the program?

It’s no secret that the QB competition before the season was much closer than anyone expected. Shawn who has always been an heir apparent may not have been mentally prepared for that possibility, especially coming from a no-name recruit out of an ivy league school. 

I’m not sure Shawn has ever been a part of a QB competition in his life. He’s always been the best athlete when he steps onto the field and likely has never had a challenge as the starter since little league. I’m sure he expected the same when he stepped onto TCU’s campus. 

I’m all in favor of competition and believe that it truly brings out the best in people. But in this day in age when participation trophies are the norm, it’s not hard to believe that a high school superstar might not be mentally prepared to compete within their own program for a starting spot. 

TCU’s culture is built around being the underdog and having a chip on your shoulder. Shawn is a guy who’s always been heralded, which may not be a great fit in an underdog program. Gary Patterson is extremely tough and playing for TCU certainly is not for every player. If the program isn’t for him, it’s better he got out now and made the moves to better his career.

At the end of the day, I don’t blame Shawn for leaving but I’m also not going to cry for him going. The frogs are far bigger than one player. This program was built brick by brick from the dumpster to the penthouse and we aren’t stopping until we reach the national championship filled stars. 

Michael Collins, Justin Rogers and Max Duggan are all great options for the future but do you want to know who my eyes are on for next year? JALEN HURTS!!! And The Beer Bottle QB’s are proclaiming right now that we will be writing a series of articles, tweets, Instagram’s and whatever else it takes in an effort to recruit Jalen to the frogs.

Jalen, The Frogs are calling. You know what would be a great story??? Jalen Hurts coming back to his home state and leading TCU to the playoffs for the first time in school history and getting the opportunity for revenge against Nicky Satan and No Heisman Tua. Not only do you get that revenge, you also become a TCU legend in the process. This is just the beginning of our pitch to Jalen and we will be coming out with a new piece of recruiting content every week until we succeed in landing next years TCU starting QB!!!!

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