A Few Of Our Favorite TCU Traditions

A Few Of Our Favorite TCU Traditions


A Few Of Our Favorite TCU Traditions

Thanksgiving is about friends, family, giving thanks, and traditions such as watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade while the turkey cooks in the oven. Crowding in the living room to watch the Cowboys, America’s team, play football while dad and grandpa fall asleep in their recliner. And of course, Black Friday shopping.

We all look forward to this magical time of the year, and KillerFrogs.com and FrogsWire.com wish you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful for our KillerFrogs family and want to share some of our favorite TCU traditions.

1. Our Horned Frog, that spits blood from its eye as a defense mechanism, is as unique a mascot as you’ll find in college football!   Let us give thanks to that!

While red is not an official TCU school color, you’ll see a little red, hear and there, to remind our opponents of the horned frog’s defense mechanism – a shot of blood from the eyes that repels encroaching foes. Be sure to wear a splash of red this Saturday against OSU.


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