LOL Baylor

LOL Baylor


LOL Baylor

We’re not very good this year? No problem!

3rd string QB? No problem!

No matter how rough a year we are having, we still beat Baylor!


The Muehl came, the Muehl saw, the Muehl ate Baylor’s lunch! Once again, we assume our rightful place in the world as the conquerors of Waco. We own I-35 claiming our 4th straight win in “the revivalry” extending our lead in the all time series to 55-52-7.

And how about that defense?!?! Holding them under 10 points is always an awesome feeling!

Apparently this was a “black out” for Baylor except for the fact they can’t afford to give the Baylor line a simple black Tshirt….

They just can’t get away from the ugly piss yellow shirts. But what can I say, we can’t expect anyone who lives in Wacko to have any since of style.

What makes this game even better is we won the thing on a 4th and 1 reverse!!! Cumbie was certainly throwing a middle finger to the haters on that one!

Love every second of this. It’s been a rough season, but we can always count on beating Baylor! And we still have a shot at a bowl game! GO FROGSSSSS!

Baylor Still Sucks!!!!!!!!!

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