What The Baylor Coach Is Saying About TCU

What The Baylor Coach Is Saying About TCU


What The Baylor Coach Is Saying About TCU

It’s the TCU Horned Frogs vs. Baylor Bears time of year. There is no love lost between these two fan bases. Here are some clips from Baylor Bears Head Coach Matt Rhule’s press conference leading up to the big game, this Saturday. These were taken from SicEm365.com and their Director of Broadcasting and Content, Grayson Grundhoefer. It starts with Coach Rhule giving an opening statement about their fight last week and then it gets into TCU talk.

Baylor Football Head Coach Matt Rhule
Weekly Press Conference
November 12, 2018

Opening Statement

“I appreciate you guys being here. I will first start by talking about last Saturday’s game. Before I get into the unfortunate event that happened, I know our entire football program is embarrassed by what happened by the decisions by a couple of guys. As we tell our players, anytime you take a punch at somebody, you are engaging in a selfish act. You are making a decision that makes you feel good but is not good for the rest of the team. It was not a good decision by Blake (Lynch), and it was an extremely poor and selfish decision by Greg (Roberts). I think at the end of the day I wish a lot of things would have gone differently. The minute we decide to throw a punch it affects so many other people. That’s what I told Greg yesterday. I have apologized to Commissioner Bowlsby and Matt Campbell for Greg’s actions. I think a positive is, unlike last year, we had a lot of guys run onto the field, but on Saturday no coaches or players left the sideline and jumped in. Blake and their wide receiver got into it and Greg and there running back spilled over from that. There were seventeen other players on the field who avoided any other altercations and trying to be peacemakers. I thought there were a lot of guys, including Iowa State coaches, out there trying to stop the incident. At the end of the day, it was a big-time college football game, and there were two plays that spilled over. We apologize for our actions, and I believe Greg has learned, and we will learn from our actions moving forward.  Greg served half of his punishment on Saturday, and the other half will be served on Saturday. We played a football game against a very good team where we had more explosive plays and more yardage than they and we had a shutout in the fourth quarter. We did all the things right to win, but we beat our self against Iowa State. It was a tough environment and a tough atmosphere versus a tough team. We are now looking ahead to a tremendous opportunity this week. I want to send these seniors out the right way. They have worked so hard this year. They are leaving a legacy for our seniors next year.”

On the decision of Charlie not being suspended…

“On the way to the bus, someone said something to me that Charlie would be allowed to play on Saturday. Charlie is a competitor, and he is trying to get a first down, and he has to watch the rest of the game from the locker room. That was tough enough for him. I think a lot of times we see guys in football talking to the officials, but really, we can’t have the players talking to the referees. We have a process that I talk to the officials, but we can’t have anyone else talking to the refs. I think we have learned a lot of lessons from Saturday night and we will have to remember that going forward.”

On the difference between success at home and not on the road…

“I think we played well at Texas, and I think there were parts of last game that we played well. We played in four really hostile environments, and I think when we come home it’s a really supportive environment. I thought the crowd against Oklahoma State was an elite environment. Even Kansas State at the end, when everything’s against you and you have to go win the game, when you look up and everyone’s cheering for you and encouraging you, that pushes you through those lulls. That pushes you through those times where you’re kind of struggling. It puts pressure on their team. It’s just harder to play on the road. When you come home, you’re playing in front of the people you care about. To me, I think a big part of that is our students. I think we’re expecting a really big student turnout. I just think it always gives you something extra. We have to learn how to win on the road, we have to learn how to win in hostile environments versus big-time teams. You also have to win at home. You have to protect what’s yours. This is one more opportunity for us to do it this Saturday.”

On if bowl eligibility adds an extra edge against TCU…

“I haven’t been around long enough to have any.  My interactions with Coach Patterson, he’s always been nothing but kind to me. He’s a person I look up to like a coach who’s done it for a long time and done it the right way. I think we should all support each other because when we support each other, we support the game in our state. I’m only worried about us. I’m only worried about the seniors going out on Senior Day the right way. That’s always been a really big deal to me, that they walk off the field as winners. I want to make sure these guys who have really stood for Baylor, and they’ve also stood for me personally, I want them to walk off the field as winners. And the benefit of that is we would get a chance to play another game. I would love nothing more than to play another game with Ira [Lewis], Greg [Roberts], Pat [Lawrence], Blake [Blackmar], Josh [Malin] and Chris Platt and all those guys. I’d love nothing more than to play another game with those guys.”

On if he has heard from fans that this game is one they really want to win…

“I don’t know that I hear much from the fan base. When I got here, I could tell from the players that this is something they wanted. I think the biggest thing to me is we went up there last year and played a good half of football. It was 21-19 at the half. Second half, it got away from us. That unfortunate incident happened where we had that fight last year in that game. I remember walking off the field and saying how much I couldn’t wait to get to this season.

I think for our senior class, you go back to 2016 before I was here, they were 6-1, getting ready to play TCU and obviously, that game got away from them. And I think if you ask them, these last two years have been tough years for them. And for it now to all culminate and come full circle, where those same guys that were out there in that rout, here they are now with a chance to go out there on Senior Day and play their best football game. Because that’s what this is, this is an opportunity for us to play our best football, for those seniors to walk off the field and sing “That Good Ol’ Baylor Line” and walk in the locker room and dance and sing and love each other and hug on each other, they will have stood for something. If we lost the game, I still believe they stand for something, don’t get me wrong. But they will have a chance to finish it off the right way and then go play Texas Tech. I think for me, it’s more about us and the journey our seniors have been through and the things that we’ve been through this year and the opportunity to go play one more game at home in front of our family and friends and try to play our best game.”

On what he expects from TCU…

“No. 1, they’re an elite defense. And they’re elite because of their players but also because of Coach [Gary] Patterson and all the different things he brings to you. They have a veteran quarterback in Collins who’s smart, knows where to go with the football. Sonny Cumbie does a great job as their offensive coordinator. And really, Jalen Reagor is a dominant receiver. He can do it in the screen game, he can do it in the vertical passing game, and he’s someone you have to account for. But, you can’t double him, because they’ve got lots of other good wideouts and they’ve got lots of other good skill. It’s a tremendous challenge. We’ll have to play really well. We’ll have to not give up the opportunities that we did this past Saturday. TCU was able to beat Iowa State, and we weren’t. We’ve got to play our best football game to have a chance.”

On talking to his players about not being baited…

“I think the thing I’m going to probably talk about the most is we want to play snap to whistle. We want to be the most aggressive team on the field, but we want to keep it in between the whistles. So, to me, if somebody takes a shot at you, I would like for you to just say what’s next and play the next play. But, don’t hit him after the whistle. The next time you have a chance to go play against them, be physical. It’s a game that allows you to be physical. There’re just certain rules. You have to be physical on the field and from snap to whistle. Within then, you can be as physical as you want within reason. You can’t do certain things. For me, the thing that I’ve tried to talk to our guys about going on the road, about going to Oklahoma, about going to Texas, I just say, just make it football. Don’t make it about the crowd, don’t make it about the rankings, just make it football. You’ve been playing football your whole life. It got away from being football at times on Saturday. This Saturday, against TCU, don’t make it about the bowl game, don’t make it about this, just make it about football. That will be my message. I always want to be the toughest, most physical team on the field. We aren’t always right now. There are times we are, but there are times where we’re not. But, that will be our focus. Just try to keep it football and be a physical team on Saturday versus a really tough, physical, proud team in TCU.”

TCU without Turpin…

“On Monday, I don’t even know if I’m there yet to be able to say. I just kind of study cut-ups and stuff as I go. I started last night, and I’m into it today, and I do my media stuff. Because I’m not the offensive coordinator the defensive coordinator, I try to do a little bit of everything, I really don’t know a team until late Tuesday. Normally, I’m like, I think I have a feel for who they are. I’ll say this about their offense: Sonny just does an elite job. In college football, all of us, you lose players, it’s next man up. We lose them for different reasons. Some guys pull a hamstring, he had a certain issue. But, they’re a complete football team, and it will be a battle.”

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