Why The Frogs Have A Legit Shot to Play Spoilers In Morgantown

Why The Frogs Have A Legit Shot to Play Spoilers In Morgantown

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Why The Frogs Have A Legit Shot to Play Spoilers In Morgantown

The Frogs pulling an upset in Morgantown?? Have the Beer Bottle QBs gone nuts!? Not at all, we fully believe that the Frogs have a fighting chance in Morgantown and let me tell you why.

1. This game is the definition of a “trap game”. The Mountaineers are coming off a huge last-second victory over a ranked Texas team in what up to this point has been one of their most hyped games of the season. They have been catapulted up the into Top 10 in the College Football Playoff rankings, making them a stone’s throw away from a playoff appearance. That is EXACTLY why we have a huge opportunity to win this game. 

Riding high, they feel there’s no way they could lose to a team who just lost to Kansas, which is a huge advantage for the Frogs. Anyone who knows this program knows that we play our best when we are underestimated! And I can’t think of a game where we have been more underestimated than this one. 

2. The similarities to this season and 2013 are striking. Our second season in the Big 12 was pretty disastrous but also showed how scrappy we can be even during a bad year. So far, 2018 has stacked up a lot like our 4-8 season. 

We lost to a powerhouse team at Cowboy Stadium by less than two touchdowns (LSU 37-27/ OSU 40-28) and we suffered a ton of close losses but also played some of the best teams in the country extremely well. We came within 3 points of beating both OU and Baylor who were top-ranked teams at the time. For anyone who remembers the Baylor game, we were driving down to win until Brandon Carter dropped a pass that led to an interception. 

So, if we could play our best games against the best teams in the country during our crappy 2013 season then I’m confident we will be in the mix against WVU this year.

3. Every time we see Michael Collins he seems to be getting a little bit better. If he can connect on deep balls this weekend, we will certainly have a fighting chance. Collins will be the lynchpin to a Frogs win this week. 

4. WVU is not unbeatable. They lost to Iowa State this season in a game that one can only describe as ugly for the Mountaineers. Will Grier was only able to amass 100 yards throwing the ball and the WVU offense only scrounged up 152 yards in total. If their offense can look that bad once then they can look bad again. There’s no one better at defensively scheming teams than Gary Patterson.

5. At the end of the day, we still have one of the greatest defensive minds in the history of football on our side- GMFP. I can guarantee that we will have a game plan that will put us in the best position to win this football game and stop the Mountaineer offense.  If our defense can step up and execute, we have a real shot to do even more damage to Grier’s resume than the Cyclones.

If we can hold WVU to less than 28 points we will win this game. We have to stand on our head defensively and shut them down because we have no chance in a shootout 56-49 type ball game. We are also going to need some huge plays offensively. We need to connect on some deep balls, get a few of those famous 50+ yard Darius Anderson runs and hit big on some trick plays. If we pull this off, we have a real shot to ruin Dana Holgerson, Will Grier and all of the Mountaineer’s seasons in Morgantown! 

Go Frogs

And never forget Miracles do happen in Morgantown!!

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