Reasons Why The Frogs Need A Bowl Game

Reasons Why The Frogs Need A Bowl Game


Reasons Why The Frogs Need A Bowl Game

The TCU Horned Frogs football team is in a battle to become bowl eligible. The Frogs need to win two of the next three to make it happen. It won’t be easy. This week the Frogs travel to Morgantown, West Virginia to play the 7th ranked Mountaineers. After that, they head down I-35 to play the hated Baylor Bears (5-4). The regular season ends on November 24th, at home, against the Cowboys of Oklahoma State (5-4).

During challenging years, fans sometimes think that it may be best not to play in a bowl game. Those fans are wrong. Here are the reasons why it’s extremely important for the Frogs to play in a bowl game this year.

  1. It’s national exposure for the school and football program. Bowl games are a big deal. They are on television. People everywhere watch them.
  2. It’s an opportunity to sell the football program to potential recruits. Highly rated high school football players watch bowl games. Recruits attend bowl practices.
  3. Valuable practice time. The Frogs will get an extra 15 practices towards developing and preparing the underclassmen for next year. It’s a huge disadvantage for young players to miss that time. Teams that don’t play in a bowl game won’t practice again until the spring.
  4. Coach P and his staff get extra time to evaluate players for next year. It gives coaches a better feel for what they have and what they need to work on.
  5. The seniors deserve a bowl game. It’s one last game for the players who gave their heart and soul to the football program for four or five years to play with their brothers.
  6. It’s fun for everyone. After a hard-fought injury-riddled season, if the Frogs can win six games in such a tough conference, they deserve it.
  7. It’s an opportunity for players to make memories that last a lifetime. Bowl games are a unique bonding experience for players and coaches.
  8. It’s a great opportunity for fans to take a vacation with the program they love. If you have ever experienced the TCU bowl game travel packages, then you appreciate just how special these games are.

TCU fans show up and cheer this team on the last three games of the regular season. This team and program need a bowl game.

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