Redefining Lady-Like

Redefining Lady-Like

Redefining Lady-Like

Merriman’s Dictionary defines ladylike as:

TCU Women’s Basketball is building off their 2017 campaign, The Power of Her, and redefining ladylike in 2018!

To us, being Lady-Like isn’t about minding our Ps and Qs. It’s about executing our Xs and Os

The term ladylike originated in the 1950s

Interesting tidbit: Did you know that back in the early 1900’s, when smoking was in vogue, it was considered unfashionable for women? So much so, that in New York City, a group of concerned male politicians pushed through a measure called the Sullivan Ordinance prohibiting owners of bars and restaurants to allow women to smoke on the premises. The law only lasted two weeks before getting vetoed, but it still had a lasting effect.

The women’s suffrage movement took-off in the 1920’s when women won the right to vote.

It was a gymnastics coach who, first, adapted the basketball rules for women and introduced the game to her athletes at Smith College in 1892. 

The first intercollegiate basketball championship was held in 1896 between Stanford and the University of California at Berkeley. Thirty years later, in 1926, the first national women’s basketball championship took place.

It wasn’t until 1997 that the NBA Board of Governors approved the concept of a Women’s National Basketball Association.

Women’s basketball made it’s debut, during the 1996 Summer Olympics, in Atlanta, Georgia. The U.S. won the gold!

Fittingly, it was also when the U.S. won its first TEAM GOLD in women’s gymnastics.

There were fewer than 32,000 women competing in intercollegiate athletics, according to the Associated Press, when Title IX was passed in 1972.  Since then, the number of female college athletes has quintupled. In High School, the number has increased from 300,000 to well over 2 million.

Join their movement. Be a part of redefining Lady-Like.

Being Lady-Like is about possibility. While the traditions of the past have imposed limits on us, we no longer consider that a woman should do, but rather what she can do. And when we’re together, there is nothing that can hold us back.

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