K-State Head Coach Bill Snyder Talks About Playing TCU

K-State Head Coach Bill Snyder Talks About Playing TCU


K-State Head Coach Bill Snyder Talks About Playing TCU

It’s a must-win situation for the TCU Horned Frogs. Kansas State is always a tough opponent. Here is a link to Wildcats Head Coach Bill Snyder talking TCU during his weekly press conference.

Bill Snyder Press Conference – TCU Week

The following are some quotes clipped from the Salina Post.



On facing a tough defense in TCU, finding something that works and lessons from previous meetings…

“We always go back on either side of the ball and address previous games. Not just last year but previous years as well. Certainly, due to the obvious, if there were things we had success with we’d certainly entertain the utilization of it if it fits our personnel. But also, to have a good understanding of what your opponent has done well against you, laboring under the assumption that you’ll probably see those things again.”

On breaking down other games and thoughts of TCU vs. Kansas last week…

“We watch the entirety of the game and we watch the cut-up, so it’s a combination of all of the above. What do I take away from it is what I’ve said so many times before, that top to bottom we’re as good a conference as you’ll find. The point being that anybody can beat anybody on any given day. That’s been proven time and time again. I thought both of them really played pretty well during the course of the ballgame. I think sometimes you look back and everybody would say that’s a major upset, but nobody’s beaten Kansas firmly this year; they’ve been in every ballgame they’ve played. There’s no reason they wouldn’t be a formidable opponent for TCU or anybody else.”

On TCU’s quarterback situation and challenges adjusting to it…

“The more you can see the better assessment you can make. We think (Michael Collins) is probably, of the two, he’s probably a little bit better thrower than (Shawn Robinson), not quite as mobile, but they still run the same offense. They still have the quarterback run game, still run the option, still let him keep the ball on different types of read plays. To my knowledge, I haven’t seen anything that would indicate they have changed the way they approach the offense and he’s capable of all aspects of it. It looks like he managed the ballgame well from what I saw, still a good player. You go back into the outset of the season and last spring, there was still a great deal of uncertainty in regards to which of the two would become the starting quarterback. If Gary (Patterson) felt that they were that collectively even, then they that would send a big message to me that they probably are.”

On the team’s unified desire to finish strong and earn a bowl bid…

“I’d like to think they want to succeed. It’s not just about playing in a bowl game, they certainly want that. It’s been a long time – none of them have ever been without a bowl game on their resume in any given year, so it would be a unique experience for them. Above and beyond that, they want to be a competitive football team. I think they were embarrassed by the outcome of this particular ballgame and didn’t like that feeling, don’t want to feel that way again. I think there would be a passion to improve themselves to the point where they won’t get embarrassed like that.”

On sending a message while rewarding effort…

“I shared that with our players after the ballgame – the guys that are going to get on the field are the guys that we can count on to give their best effort they have.”

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