Did Playing The Buckeyes In September Torpedo The Frogs Season?

Did Playing The Buckeyes In September Torpedo The Frogs Season?


Did Playing The Buckeyes In September Torpedo The Frogs Season?

TCU Horned Frogs Nation had high hopes for the 2018 football season. All is not lost. The season can still be somewhat salvaged with a bowl game win and dominating performance in Waco. But, the season as a whole has fallen extremely short of all reasonable expectations. It seemed everything was right on track and then September 15, 2018, happened.

Coach Patterson was telling everyone that playing Ohio State is a bad business decision. “(I’d tell my administration) you don’t want me to win a national championship? We play enough (good teams) the way it is. I think they’re 79-8 under Meyer”.

Coach Patterson always talks about managing a season, not just a game. It’s important to manage the whole season. “You’ve to be careful in that nonconference schedule. You look at Oklahoma, losing one of the best players (Rodney Anderson) in the country. Biggest thing is (once) you get to conference, you win those games, and that’s how you get to the playoffs. You’ve got to be careful about how you do these ballgames. It could cost you more than one I guess is my point.”

Playing Ohio State is a great thing for a team from the Mountain West Conference. It gives them a chance to play on national television. It gives them a chance to knock off a premier college football program. TCU was exactly that team when they scheduled the Buckeyes. Things are different now. The Frogs are in one of the best conferences in college football. If TCU can just win the conference, they have a great chance of being invited to the College Football Invitational. Playing a team like Ohio State is no longer necessary.

Frog fans wanted this game so badly though.

The game happened. The Frogs headed to Jerry World with a 2-0 record and fresh off a 30 point win at SMU. The Frogs were ranked #15, and the Buckeyes were #4. The atmosphere was electric.

The game was a slugfest. Sophomore quarterback Shawn Robinson had over 300 yards passing and one touchdown against one of the best defenses in the nation. Darius Anderson had two touchdown runs including one that went 93 yards. Jalen Reagor hauled in seven passes for 98 yards. The offense was solid. The Frogs gained 511 yards. The most yardage surrendered by the Buckeyes in a game over the last four seasons.

It was entertaining. It was competitive. It was the highest rated game. The Frogs were leading at halftime. They could have won. They should have won. They lost 40-28.

Did the Frogs lose more than just one game at Jerry World?

Most fans would agree, TCU just hasn’t looked the same since.

The Buckeyes lost their best player and possibly the number one pick in the upcoming NFL draft playing the Frogs. The Buckeyes are still a top 10 team. What’s the difference? The difference is the Buckeyes have two other soon to be NFL players who play that exact same position. One will most likely be a top 10 pick himself.

The Frogs are not short on talent. They have their own outstanding players. They have the players to compete for a national championship. They have one of the best coaches in the game.

What the Frogs don’t have is the sheer depth of programs like Ohio State, Alabama, and Clemson. The Frogs need to manage their season’s better than the blue blood programs. Even some of those programs are scheduling all cupcake teams for nonconference games. Alabama is playing Citadel in November. The Frogs need to be smarter. They need to stay healthy.

Only Gary Patterson and his staff truly know the impact the Ohio State loss had on this team. What everyone knows is the Frogs have gone 1-4 since that game. Their only win was a 17-14 nail-biter at home against Iowa State. The Frogs just lost to the Kansas Jayhawks. The team seems to have more players injured than playing. They have lost 10 starters to injury. One star player has been kicked off the team for disciplinary reasons.

Make no mistake. The Ohio State game was a lot of fun.

But, was it worth it? Was it a bad business decision?

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