Coach P Presser Notes - Kansas State

Coach P Presser Notes - Kansas State


Coach P Presser Notes - Kansas State

It’s Kansas State Week. Coach P had his weekly Tuesday press conference. He talked about Kansas, Michael Collins, Kansas State, injuries, the new redshirt rule, and more. Here are the notes.


  • Every loss is a bad loss. They have had good years and still barely beat Kansas. They just play TCU tough.
  • The injuries have really hurt. They had to really simplify the defense against Kansas when Niko Small and Ty Summers went down with injuries. They both got hurt on the same play.
  • The TCU defense missed four or five plays at Kansas that probably cost the ballgame. Kansas has a really good running back that could play at a lot of other places. A lot of people recruited that running back.
  • Kansas deserves a lot of credit. They played really hard. They have been playing hard all year.
  • Coach P talked about telling his players to fall on the ball at the end of the game. He said everyone was told to fall on the ball. All the referees knew TCU was going to fall on the ball. He kept yelling it over and over. If they would have fallen on the ball, the clock wouldn’t have started.
  • The kids are playing hard. Jeff Gladney didn’t practice all week. He gets a lot of credit for going. He and Julius Lewis both struggled to play with their injuries.
  • TCU can’t make as many defensive adjustments with young players.
  • Coach P really likes Taye Barber. He is a worker. He takes the bull by the horns. The Frogs offseason program didn’t bother him. Spring ball didn’t bother him. School doesn’t bother him. He has done well in all aspects here at TCU. A lot of young receivers pout and think the world is over if they don’t get a lot of playing time. Barber is not like that.
  • Coach P was asked if it’s tough to sell his team on tough seasons like this? He said every week is different. They are glad to be back at home. A loss to Kansas is something you can’t hide behind. You lose to Ohio State, you can say this, that, or the other. After Kansas, you need to take a hard look at yourself. TCU played hard, but they couldn’t win.

Michael Collins:

  • Coach P was asked what he thought about quarterback Michael Collins being ranked the best quarterback under pressure last week by Pro Football Focus? Coach P said he is not sure how they rate that stuff. It was his first start and Sonny Cumbie was happy with some things he did. They almost scored enough points to win a game. Collins had some composure, he was able to stand in the pocket and complete some third and longs. That is tough to do in someone’s first game. Coach P would like to see Collins take off and run for some more first downs when the opportunity presents itself. That comes with experience. Coach P likes Collins. He threw the interception and didn’t get rattled.
  • Collins deserves a lot of credit. He moved the ball without Turpin and a lot of other weapons.

Kansas State:

  • Both teams are trying to get back on the winning side of things. Both teams are beat up and trying to get ready for another ballgame.
  • Kansas State has a list of guys that are hurt. Just like TCU.
  • Coach P was asked if he has tried to emulate some of what Kansas State under Coach Bill Snyder has done over the years? Coach P said, yes. The number one thing is the attention to detail. Pulling his players aside and talking to them at halftime before they go into the locker room. Coach P doesn’t think Snyder does that anymore but Coach P still does. Once guys go inside the locker room they scatter everywhere. They are getting IV’s, going into groups, and whatever else. He likes to talk to them as a team before that all happens. He also tries to run a program that the people who come out of the program are good people.
  • Coach P was asked if he is impressed that Coach Snyder is still doing this at age 79? Especially given the fact college coaches get so few weekends off a year? Coach P is impressed. Coach P has had three Saturday and Sunday’s off so far this year. It’s a demanding job. He is not sure he would want to do that at Coach Snyder’s age. He is just trying to win four ballgames before December. Coach P has a huge amount of respect for Coach Snyder.
  • Coach P and his coaching staff stayed up all night preparing for Kansas State. He still loves to coach.
  • The Kansas State offensive line is good. They are big. They do a great job. They are one of the most impressive detailed groups. They really work at it.
  • On defense, TCU will most likely know where Kansas State stands. They are not going to move around. They will be well coached and they have to beat them knowing what they are going to do.
  • On offense, there is a great chance that TCU will know what Kansas State is doing. The question is if they can stop them or not.

Bowl game:

  • Coach P thinks this team deserves to go to a bowl game if they can win three more games. This is because of the level of competition that they have faced. Some other years he may not say that.


  • TCU has lost 10 starters this year due to injury. Those guys just can’t be replaced that easily. Especially with all the freshman and redshirt freshman that they have. He is not making excuses. It is just the way it is. It started with Blacklock in two a days.
  • They keep track of playing time weekly reference the new redshirt rule. Some guys they would like to redshirt, they can’t due to all the injuries. It’s a numbers issue, especially with special teams. That’s the price they have to pay.
  • Coach P was asked about Niko Small and if he could still redshirt due to missing so much time with injury? He said no, he can no longer redshirt. He couldn’t have played last Saturday to redshirt. He had that conversation with Small and he wanted to play. He thinks its possible Small didn’t want to go another year.
  • Ty Summers and Niko Small may be done for the rest of the year with their injuries. It depends on how it all works out.

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