What Kind Of Frog Fan Are You?

What Kind Of Frog Fan Are You?


What Kind Of Frog Fan Are You?

The TCU Horned Frogs lost to the Kansas Jayhawks in football. Yes, the Jayhawks. It happened. The score was 27-26. We won’t relive it. The Frogs football team will not win a single football game in October. The Frogs are in serious danger of not being bowl eligible. It’s almost easier to name the players who are not injured than who are injured. It has been a butt fumble type of year.

Darius Anderson is an extremely talented player, but mistakes happen. He fumbled at a crucial point in the football game. He fumbled off his teammate’s butt. Anderson showed what type of person he is. He didn’t hide from his fumble. He faced the music. He showed character. He showed what TCU is about.

Everybody knows it has been a nightmare year. The Frogs are used to winning in October. Losing stinks!

Frog fans have to love Mark Cohen. He is always able to find the positive. It’s not always easy.

It’s officially the worst of times. What type of fan are you? Are you in for the good and bad? Are you a true frog?

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