Horned Frogs Faced With The Fragility Of Life

Horned Frogs Faced With The Fragility Of Life


Horned Frogs Faced With The Fragility Of Life

By any standard of measurement, the last week in Horned Frogs Nation has been a bad one.  Starting with the loss to Oklahoma, moving to the KaVontae Turpin situation, and ending with the death of a TCU student on Thursday, October 25.

Despite the local media and their self righteous proclamations, TCU will survive the Turpin situation.  Coach Patterson and the school, as always,  got out in front of the issue and provided as much transparency as possible.

However, the death of a student is an entirely different matter

It serves no purpose for myself or anybody else to lay blame at the feet of the school.  None of us, myself included, has any information whatsoever about the situation other than we know that a student has died.

We are now left with friends who are suffering the shock of losing a friend, and grieving parents who are searching for answers.

I’ve been in their shoes and still search for those answers 12 years after losing my son. The circumstances are different, in each case, but the result is the same: A son, a brother, and a friend no longer walks among us.

I would call on everybody in the TCU community to direct your thoughts and prayers to that young man’s family and friends. Going forward, they will need them.  Trust me on that one.




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