Jamie Dixon 1st Annual Women's Clinic

Jamie Dixon 1st Annual Women's Clinic


Jamie Dixon 1st Annual Women's Clinic

Jamie Dixon’s 1st Annual Women’s Basketball Clinic, Tuesday evening did not disappoint. This is what TCU is all about. We are family and we are treated like family. We appreciate the players and coaches and they appreciate us, crazy ladies!

Jamie’s clinic started off in the Courtside Club with cocktails and dinner, oh and of course, Frog Shopping!!! Betsy and I finally got those big ol gold frog earrings we’ve been wanting for the last year (Thank you, Lola and Lina)  and a Spirit Snob scarf!

The voice of TCU, Brian Estridge led a QA with Coach Dixon and a few of the players. Estridge tried really hard to get one of them to spill the beans on Coach, but they weren’t falling for it.

Following the Q/A, we split up into three groups and the players walked the Lady Frogs through the weight room, locker room, lounge, film room, practice gym, offices, etc. Let’s just say, things have changed a lot since my days at TCU! I did learn that they really want a barbershop, just putting that out there if any knows anything about barber-shops 😉

Coach Dixon wrapped up the evening on the court! He talked shop and we took notes. Okay, so we actually just took a lot of pictures.

Did I mention the manners these boys have? Chivalry is not dead, at least not within TCU Basketball. These boys mammas would be proud! I know we were.

This team is going to be exciting to watch! Come to see them, November 1st, when they tip-off down in Sundance Square against the TCU Women’s Basketball team!

Go Frogs!


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