You Broke My Heart KaVontae

You Broke My Heart KaVontae


You Broke My Heart KaVontae

In my many years of watching TCU football, I have rarely seen a player as exciting and electric as KaVontae Turpin.  Every time he touched the ball, you had the feeling that something great was getting ready to happen, and more often than not, it did.  He could catch passes, return punts, as well as kickoffs and did so with a flair rarely seen at Amon Carter Stadium. He was fun to watch and it gave me a lot of pleasure sitting up in the press box and tweeting out the Turpin Time graphic everytime he did something special. Sadly, it was used for the last time on Saturday’s game against Oklahoma, but he left us with a memory that we will never forget, a 99 yard kickoff return leaving a trail of Oklahoma players in his dust.

The only thing that comes to mind, in this case, is the scene from Godfather 2, where Michael Corleone recognizes that his brother Fredo betrayed him.  If you remember the scene, Michael, Fredo and the Corleone entourage were at a New Year’s celebration in Havana,  Cuba. The revolution starting to unfold and Michael, unable to hold it back any longer, grabs Fredo by the head and says “I know it was you Fredo, you broke my heart”

That sums up my feelings about the Kavonte Turpin situation.  You broke my heart KaVontae.

TCU has other players who are talented and fun to watch but few were at the level of Turpin.  In the days, weeks and months ahead, we’ll get a chance to see them and I’m sure some will pan out to be great players.  I certainly hope so, but I will surely miss the electricity that KaVontae Turpin brought to the field every time he stepped on it.

It is my hope that young Turpin has learned from this and takes this opportunity to get his life in order.  If he can take his passion for playing football and refocus it on being successful in life, he will do just fine, but he has to use this as a teachable moment and realize from this point forward, that doing the right thing is job #1.

You can do it KaVontae.  You don’t owe it to us.  You owe it to yourself and to your family.


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