Shawn Robinson Has Heart

Shawn Robinson Has Heart


Shawn Robinson Has Heart

TCU Head Football coach Gary Patterson thought about sitting his banged-up quarterback, Shawn Robinson, after the Ohio State game on September 15th. His sophomore quarterback didn’t like that idea. He wanted to play. Gary Patterson spoke about this at his Tuesday press conference. He stated that all of Robinson’s injuries have made it difficult for him to hold onto the football when he ran. This caused him to run sideways instead of ducking up inside like he would normally do. Robinson was worried about fumbling.

It was Robinson and his parent’s decision to keep playing and fight through it. It’s what he has always done. That’s what he did in high school. Coach P didn’t want to hold him back. He left it up to them and offensive coordinator, Sonny Cumbie. They all wanted to give it a shot.

Coach P acknowledged that the injury really affected Robinson’s play. He said he has probably been a bit tentative. He has thrown off his back foot and done some things that he hasn’t done while playing before. It was finally time to get him out. Get him ready for the spring. Robinson will now have season-ending surgery on his left, non-throwing shoulder.

Shawn Robinson played through an injury that needs surgically repaired. That requires toughness and heart.

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