Is It Time For A Mentoring Program At TCU?

Is It Time For A Mentoring Program At TCU?


Is It Time For A Mentoring Program At TCU?

With the recent situation regarding former football player KaVontae Turpin, I have to wonder if it isn’t time for the TCU athletic department to establish a mentoring program for all athletes. It makes perfect sense to me. TCU could bring in a wide variety of former athletes who have seen the hard times as well as the good and have learned how to navigate their way through them.

Former players like L.T.,  LaTarence Dunbar, Shannon Brazzell, and Andy Dalton, just to name a few, are players who have experienced success both on and off the field, and could serve as mentors to many of these young men. Everyone strays from time to time. I’ve done it.  Many of my friends have done it. We’ve all done it.  But it would be a great thing to have somebody available who could speak with the athletes to help them get refocused about what’s important in life.

Unfortunately, there are far too many stories of athletes who have strayed “off the path” in life and were unable to find their way back. That’s where a mentorship program could be invaluable.

In this day and age, a coach cannot simply be a coach. In many cases, he has to be a friend, a brother, a father figure, and a mentor, as well as a coach; and that’s asking a lot of just one man. A mentorship program could offer a variety of mentors who offer different perspectives on life to help guide these young athletes.

Few of us understand some of the broken backgrounds that these young athletes come from.  Few, if any, can relate to it.  That’s why I feel, that a mentorship program could be of great value, but this is just one man’s opinion.

Food for thought.




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