Coach P Presser Notes - Kansas Week

Coach P Presser Notes - Kansas Week


Coach P Presser Notes - Kansas Week

TCU Horned Frogs Head Coach Gary Patterson had his weekly Tuesday press conference. He talked about facing Kansas, his quarterback room, the KaVontae Turpin situation, and more. It has been a rough few weeks for the Horned Frogs football team. Here are the notes.


  • Kansas is playing a lot better. They have been playing great on defense. They have created a lot of turnovers.
  • Kansas has a really good skill group on offense. The offensive line has gotten a lot stronger.
  • Head Coach David Beaty has done a good job. He had to make some hard decisions regarding Doug Meacham. They have played people close and have been a tough team.
  • TCU has not played very well when they’ve traveled to Lawrence, Kansas. They need to do a better job this time and get back on the winning track.

Turpin Situation

  • At 11:20 a.m yesterday, Coach P spoke about the Turpin incident. He has found out more since then. Probably between 1:30 and 2:00 p.m he found out about the New Mexico incident. People should know how he does things. His players are like his kids. But, when they cross the line, there is a penalty to pay. KaVontae Turpin will never be allowed to be on the TCU football team again. That’s the way he does it. This won’t be tolerated by him.
  • Coach P knew that Turpin was going to New Mexico. He asked him where he was going for spring break. Turpin told him he was going to New Mexico. He wanted to see his girlfriend. Coach P was fired up that Turpin was going to see his girlfriend instead of going somewhere to party. When they got back, one of the other players leaked out that Turpin had some issues while in New Mexico.
  • Coach P had somebody check into it. He showed everyone in the press conference a piece of paper. He said the sheet of paper is the information that they had at the time. It showed an offense for criminal property damage. He said, if you ask any attorney, they will tell you that there is a great chance that this is just a ticket. As far as KaVontae having to go to court, they didn’t have that information. Only one person would have that information.
  • Coach P talked about the specifics on the sheet. It read criminal property damage with no bond amount. They save everything. It did not say anything about a woman being involved. Turpin did not reveal any more information about the incident. He wished that Turpin told him more. It probably would have been handled a long time ago. That’s the way he does it.
  • Not knowing exactly what happened. Turpin did not face any discipline.
  • TCU looked it up in March. The criminal property damage was the only thing they discovered. The out-of-state bench warrant wasn’t issued until July.
  • He was asked if this incident will change the way they do things in the future. Coach P responded. How many kids do you have? Are you going to do a background check on all of your kids every five months? When they get to college, are you going to do a background check? Coach P obviously wishes he knew more. Bottom line, Coach P said that he has a lady at home and she doesn’t tolerate this kind of thing. He can tell you what the Patterson stance is and how they do things. They have handled all situations like this the same. His track record shows that. They always do something about it.
  • As soon as Coach P found out about New Mexico, they asked Turpin about it. The University called about it. They got the “police report and everything.” He wanted to know. The University wanted to know. It’s how they do things.
  • Coach P is unhappy for Turpin. He is unhappy for the girlfriend. He is more unhappy for her on all accounts. Bottom line, this is not something that is tolerated.
  • Turpin didn’t actually talk to Coach P directly about the incident. He talked to an assistant coach. The assistant coach checked on it. Turpin was late coming back from spring break. That’s how they found out about it. They looked into it and ran the background check at that point.
  • At the time of the press conference, Turpin hadn’t been told that he has been kicked off the team. He just knew that he was suspended. Turpin hasn’t been back. It’s sad that Turpin is going to find out this way. It’s just something that couldn’t wait.
  • The sheet Coach P brought to the press conference was off the website. TCU called, and that is what they were given. It doesn’t say the exact date it was pulled. It was pulled during spring break.
  • A reporter said that he was given a sheet that shows all the charges and it was given to him by a fan who pulled it off a website. (It was first posted by a fan on and later picked up by the Star-Telegram) Coach P said that he did not see that until yesterday.
  • Coach P said they always need to do a better job. They are meticulous about this stuff. The University follows up on this stuff. As soon as Coach P found out, Turpin was suspended from campus. Once they gathered more information, he kicked him off the team.
  • He spoke with KaVontae, yesterday. Turpin knows how these things get handled. Coach P wouldn’t get into any more specifics regarding their personal conversation.
  • He was asked, how he gets his team ready to play after going through all of this Turpin stuff? He said he doesn’t know. They are going to get ready to play a ballgame. That’s what his job is. His job is to take care of young people, make sure they act right and to win football games. He is trying to do all of that this week.
  • He was asked about the warrant being out since July. He said, how would we know that? It’s not even in the state of Texas. Turpin is not even from Texas, he is from Louisiana. The warrant is from New Mexico.
  • He was asked if they followed up to make sure the property damage case was handled? He said they didn’t know there was a court date. Sometimes it’s just a fine and a ticket. He has talked to a lot of attorneys over the years and is familiar with how these things are typically handled.
  • TCU does background checks. They can’t even come on campus unless they pass a background check.
  • Coach P asked, are they supposed to keep doing background checks on all athletes? The athletes are going to be upset that they get additional background checks that the other students don’t have to get. TCU is not doing background checks on every student on campus, so why would they do one on every athlete?
  • If it happened in Ft. Worth, he would have obviously known a lot more about it. It happened in Las Cruces, New Mexico. It happened nine months ago. The warrant was issued five months ago. Two-a-day practices started in August. This doesn’t make it right, he is not trying to make excuses. He is just disappointed that some people are accusing him of trying to cover it up. He is not trying to cover up anything.
  • He feels bad because football is KaVontae’s life. The health of the lady is her life. That line cannot be crossed. Coach P lost on both accounts today.
  • He tries to be a parent to all of his players and teach them the right things. Players, like children, don’t always tell him everything. It’s not because they are bad, it’s because they don’t want to look bad in his eyes.
  • He was asked if this was a learning experience for his team. They need to be upfront with him about everything. He can help them and maybe get them counseling, so things don’t get worse? Coach P said he agrees.
  • Coach P said Turpin has a special way about him. People love him, they love to follow him. He has so many kids who look up to him. That’s the sad part about this whole situation.
  • Since he has been the head coach, over 600 players have come through his football program. Some have great experiences. Some have good experiences. Some have not had a good experience. But, they have all known that they are all in with them.
  • Coach P said bad things go in three’s. His mom and dad passing away are one and two. Hopefully, Turpin is the third. That way he doesn’t have to deal with any more bad stuff.

Quarterback Room, Injuries and More

  • Justin Rogers has been cleared to play up to a point. His knee is cleared. His foot is not 100%. He has a drop foot situation. That is a pretty serious injury. It has been frustrating for Rogers. He is such a competitor and such a leader. He has been limited.
  • Every Sunday, they take their freshman and run their offense. They have always done that. They do it for 10 minutes. This is done so they can develop faster.
  • Coach P said “Own the Process” means that they are young. They need to grow up quite a bit to get to where they need to be. Cordel Iwuagwu being out of the offensive line has really hurt. He thinks he will play this week. Losing Blacklock and four safeties have really hurt.
  • Collins hurt his hand against Oklahoma. He had a big blister on it. He couldn’t really throw the ball in the second half. They have done a great job rehabbing it this week.
  • Collins runs the ball well. He doesn’t have the escape ability of Robinson. He is deceiving though. He is very strong. He is a student of the game.
  • Garet Wallow will probably play some strong safety the rest of the year. He will play safety and linebacker.
  • Coach P doesn’t know the injury status of both starting corners, Jeff Gladney and Julius Lewis. (Gladney appeared to have turf toe and Lewis appeared to have a shoulder injury.) They may or may not play.
  • The coaches have been having conversations about playing Collins for weeks. Robinson was playing through an injury. Coach P is not in the offensive room every day, he is a defensive guy. Sonny has done a great job, and he trusts his judgment.
  • It was Robinson and his parents’ decision to play through his injury. That’s what Robinson has done in high school, and that’s what they wanted to do. He talked about sitting Robinson after the Ohio State game. They wanted to fight through it. Robinson has been a bit tentative. He has thrown off his back foot. He has done some things that he usually doesn’t do. It was time for him to stop playing hurt, get healthy, and get ready for the spring.
  • They are in a bit of a predicament at quarterback. If Collins goes down, they don’t have a guy who has played much.
  • Outside of Ft. Worth, he calls Kansas home. He is still close to a lot of people there. When he is coaching in Kansas, they don’t like each other for three hours.
  • Turpin had some great returns, but they also had some great blocking on those returns. They stepped up on special teams. They didn’t have that in the Texas Tech game.
  • He is not happy with their record.

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