The Beer Bottle QBs Guide to Beating OU

The Beer Bottle QBs Guide to Beating OU

Beer Bottle QBs

The Beer Bottle QBs Guide to Beating OU

How Can The Frogs Win?

1. Cause turnovers… I’ve said it on the podcast and I’ll say it again. The Frogs’ D MUST have turnovers this week if we want to win this game. Interceptions, fumbles, blocked kicks, onside kicks- I don’t care how we get them but we have to have them in order to beat OU. Kyler Murray has been explosive and hasn’t thrown many interceptions. But with that being said, he hasn’t faced GMFP and the Big 12’s best defense yet.

2. We cannot have turnovers!!! Turnovers have now cost us three football games and have to stop if we want to win this week. We are literally dead last in turnovers lost. Shawn HAS to be better with the ball both running and throwing. I don’t care if all we do offensively at practice this week is have the skill players run through a gauntlet of scout teasers beating the shit out of their arms with blocking pads up and down the field for a hour and a half. (Insert GIF/Video). If that’s what needs to happen then make it happen Sonnie.

3. The Frog fans need to be in full force! We need the student section to be absolutely electric. We need everybody to get their asses out of bed, drink a damn mimosa (or a whole bottle of champagne if you have to) and get into the stadium early. When kickoff comes around the stadium better be rocking… If your too busy tailgating or sleeping to get into the stadium on time to cheer on the frogs then your just as responsible for the loss as the team.
To all the haters out there taking shots at Shawn, Gary, the coaching staff and program, we are literally giving up our home field advantage when we don’t have a stadium full of purple. Take last week- the stadium was for all intensive purposes empty at kickoff. That’s down right embarrassing. You may be like “but it’s an 11 AM kickoff, that sucks!” Screw that attitude, it’s awesome! When else do you have an excuse too wake up at 8am and start drinking?? Take advantage of it and crack open those beers at the crack dawn and get to the stadium to yell your face off for the frogs so we can beat the crap out of the Sooners.

4. We need HUGE plays. This applies to offense, defense and special teams. We need the 50 yard bomb from Shawn to Raeger. We need Turpin to make plays in space. We need Banogu sacks and Wallow tackle for a loss in space. We need plays like the Paul Dawson’s pick six back in 2014. Without big plays we are dead in the water; but to be honest, I fully believe we will have them this week in what is to date the most important game of the season so far.

The Beer Bottle QBs personally guarantee that if we accomplish these things we will without a doubt win this game. I repeat that is a Beer Bottle QB’s GUARANTEE and as we all know Beer Bottle QB’s guarantees are MONEY IN DA BANK!!!!!!!!!!!!


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