What is GMFP?

What is GMFP?


What is GMFP?

If you have been following TCU Football for any length of time, then you have probably heard the acronym GMFP. It’s a wildly popular term of endearment for TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson.

You may have also heard CJK5H. This is not a term of endearment. Craig James is not a fan.

Most Frog fans know the history of both. Let’s discuss GMFP. It’s on every TCU fan board. This includes the largest and most popular one of them all, KillerFrogs.com Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum. It’s all over social media and even has its own hashtag #GMFP. It has been mentioned in many football articles over the years, including articles published through TCU. There are literally thousands of t-shirts and towels in circulation with GMFP on them. It’s a Big Deal. It’s a way cool shirt.

KillerFrogs.com recently brought back a limited supply of t-shirts by popular demand, aka begging. Here is a picture of them getting shipped out to Frog fans all over.

Like everything else in life, GMFP is not without some controversy. It has its critics.

It goes without saying that not everyone approves of “GMFP“.  Some people don’t like what GMFP stands for. They don’t think it’s family friendly. They think it’s disrespectful; it’s not the Frogs way.  And that’s okay, because a look at the sheer popularity of GMFP, will tell you that most love it. Either way, the one thing that everyone has in common is the love for TCU Football and the Greatest Coach in TCU history.

What is GMFP an acronym for? That depends on who you are. If you are a Frog fan who loves it, then you already know. If you are a Frog fan who hates it or is on the easily offended side of things, then there is a politically correct meaning just for you: Gary Makes Football Players or Gary Mighty Fine Patterson. Please go with that.

What does GMFP represent? That’s what this is all about. It’s Coach P and TCU Football AGAINST the world. It’s the private school kids against the gazillions of state school kids. Coach P has always said, “we are all we need”. That saying is the epitome of TCU football and Coach P himself. Everything is earned. Coach P is a kid from Rozel, Kansas, population 156. His first paid coaching job was at Tennessee Tech, as a linebacker coach, in 1982. It took him 18 years to get a head coaching job.

Eighteen years is a long time. Coach P arrived at TCU in 1998 as the defensive coordinator on Dennis Franchione’s staff. The duo quickly turned around the Frogs football program. Franchione was rewarded with big time money and the head coaching job at Alabama. He wanted Coach P to join him in Tuscaloosa. Under Coach Franchione, Coach P transformed the Frogs defense into the best in the country. In fitting fashion, Coach P was not the first choice to replace Coach Fran, as the TCU head coach, but he got it.

Magical things happened next.

Coach P lead the Frogs from the WAC all the way to membership in a Power Five Conference: The Big 12. The Frogs did this by winning a lot of football games. Coach P did this by recruiting guys just like himself. The under-recruited and overlooked diamonds in the rough. The two-star and three-star players. Coach P is now the all-time winningest coach in school history. He has 22 national coach of the year honors. Since 2008, he has six top ten finishes, trailing only Nick Saban and Urban Meyer. However, the Horned Frogs will never get the preferential treatment of the NCAA blue bloods. The College Football Invitational will always look for a reason to exclude the Frogs. But it doesn’t matter, We Are All We Need.

Love it or hate it, GMFP is not profanity on a shirt. It’s an attitude.

Go Frogs! #GMFP


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