Coach P Presser Notes — Oklahoma Week

Coach P Presser Notes — Oklahoma Week


Coach P Presser Notes — Oklahoma Week

Coach P talks about Texas Tech, Oklahoma, offensive struggles, death threats, and more. It was a good one. Here are the notes.

Last week and the Texas Tech Red Raiders:

  • The Frogs offense only scored 14 points against Texas Tech. They didn’t play well.
  • Coach P was hoping they would perform a lot better. They had extra time to prepare. Texas Tech deserves credit too.
  • The game came down to five or six plays. That’s usually how it works with any loss.
  • Coach P doesn’t talk injury specifics and wouldn’t address the extent of the Innis Gaines injury. Gaines left the Tech game limping and did not return.

This week and the Oklahoma Sooners:

  • Oklahoma is a good football team. Athletically, they are a top 10 team.
  • Oklahoma played a tough game against Texas. They will now have two weeks to prepare for TCU. They will have a lot of new ideas for the Frogs.
  • Coach P said the crowd makes a huge difference with the energy. TCU needs a big crowd Saturday.
  • Oklahoma has a lot of athletes. They are also a very well coached football team. When TCU played them in two ballgames last year, they ran the counter play out of nine different variations. They blocked it differently each time. Coach P loves the challenge of playing Oklahoma.

Offense and the quarterback position.

  • TCU has played three top 10 teams. They also played an Iowa State team that has a stellar defense. Texas Tech has an older defense, and they play with an edge. They were tough that game.
  • Coach P was asked if he was satisfied with the offensive play calling of the Frogs. He said he won’t talk about that in public. He doesn’t go out and publicly criticize guys who work their tails off. But, he did say that everyone needs to get better.
  • Coach P has been in this business for 36 years and has been a head coach for 18 years. He doesn’t feel any pressure to make in-season coaching changes.
  • TCU needs to be more physical on offense.
  • Coach P was asked if true freshman Justin Rogers will play this year. He said it all comes down to being healthy. Rogers’ knee has been cleared, but everything else has not been cleared.
  • When a young quarterback is struggling, it usually comes down to the fact that the game hasn’t slowed down for them yet. With experience, the game slows down, and they make better decisions.
  • Andy Dalton made a lot of terrible decisions when he was a young TCU quarterback, which forced him to grow up. They may not have won the Rose Bowl, with Dalton, had he not had those tough times and experiences early in his career.
  • Football is all about managing people. He can’t just tear down his players for mistakes. He has conversations and lets them grow. It’s just like raising his own kids. He needs to manage their confidence level, their attitude, and more. Get them better. They are people. They are not a position. They are not just pieces on a chess board.
  • When a big play happens against them, it’s usually because three to five guys screwed up. It’s not just one player. It’s not just the quarterback.
  • They need to manage Shawn Robinson. They need to help him more in protection. The receivers need to do a better job of catching the ball. The running backs need to run the ball better.
  • A lot is given to the head coach and quarterback, and a lot is expected. When things go bad, they are the first to blame.
  • His job was a lot easier in 2014 when the Frogs offense was putting up a lot more points. It’s hard to hold teams to 14 points. The offense needs to score more.
  • TCU can’t be last in the Big 12 in take-aways and win a lot of ballgames. They need to get better.

Coach P talking fan bases, tough seasons, and even death threats:

  • One of the biggest problems in college football is everyone panics. There is no patience when things are not going well. TCU has never had two losing seasons in a row under Coach P. It’s because they don’t panic. Coach P is always amused by how a coach can be good enough to make a BCS game, then two years later, people want to fire him because they don’t think he is any good. It’s just the nature of the business.
  • Coach P wants fans with a passion. Coaches want people to care. When Coach P came to TCU, 21 years ago, fans didn’t have passion. They do now (#GMFP). Fans should want to win every year. He just wants the fans to be in all the time, not only when things are going well. Have that passion for the team all the time.
  • Everything is easy when the team is winning. Coach P finds out the truth about people when things are not going well. That goes for coaches, players, and the fan base.
  • It’s not easy to win. The margin is so narrow. One player could be the difference. One player gets hurt, and that can cost the team ballgames. If more guys get hurt, that’s even harder to overcome. In 2012, TCU had to play 17 true freshmen because of all the injuries. It’s hard to win like that.
  • Injuries have really hurt the team this year. The Frogs only have x-amount of bullets in their gun. They have to use what they have available. It doesn’t mean they can’t win games, it just means they have to find a way.
  • Coach P has probably had four or five death threats on his TCU phone over the years. They were probably all related to alcohol or somebody losing a bet on the game. It usually happens about three o’clock in the morning. If he answers back, 8 out of 10 times, they are sorry the next day.
  • Coach P is always going to coach like it’s his last game. He is still going to coach like his players are not as good as the opponents. He is always going to coach like they don’t have a chance.

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