Recapping Another TCU Heartbreaker

Recapping Another TCU Heartbreaker


Recapping Another TCU Heartbreaker

It was a tough loss. The Texas Tech Red Raiders prevailed 17-14 for the win. Turnovers killed the Frogs, yet again. TCU now has the worst team turnover margin in all of college football at -2.5 per game. The Frogs also have injury problems. Here is your recap.

This was the ESPN nationally televised college football game of the week. Millions of people watched from all across the country.

The weather was perfect, and the atmosphere was electric.

Yes, that is Johnny Manziel.

Gary Patterson and company looked good coming out of the tunnel.

They may not be ranked, but they are feared.

TCU baseball legend and current St. Louis Cardinals slugger Matt Carpenter was the Riff Ram video special guest.

The Red Raiders got on the scoreboard first going up 3-0 early. TCU returned fire with an amazing touchdown catch by Jalen Reagor. Watch him go airborne and snatch this one from the stadium lights.

The Frogs just missed on an opportunity for some more points to close out the first half.

Like Texas and Ohio State, the Frogs are ahead at halftime.

The Frogs score again with a sweet pitch and catch from Robinson to Turpin.

That’s the last of the TCU points. Here are the Texas Tech highlights of the game. Warning, they are painful to watch.

The Frogs had three turnovers. They could have had more as the Red Raiders dropped several, would-be interceptions, that hit them right in the hands. Frogs also caught a break on a few fumbles. In the end, the Frogs needed a hero, and they couldn’t find one – a fitting conclusion to an ugly game.

Overall, the Horned Frogs defense played well. The Red Raiders were tied for seventh in scoring in the FBS, and the Flying Frogs Defense limited them to just 17 points.

A lot of fans left disappointed and wondering if this team will even be bowl eligible come November.

That’s not the only problem for the Frogs. They have had the injury bug all year. TCU lost another good one against Texas Tech. Defensive Back Innis Gaines left with a lower-body injury. He did not return. Gaines was just ranked the third best in the nation at his position by Pro Football Focus.

It’s excruciating to watch your team give the ball away, time after time. The Frogs have done it more than any other team in the entire nation. Losing to hated rivals is tough. Fans are naturally upset. They should be upset.

But, one thing is for sure. Nobody is more upset with this loss than the players and coaches who actually lost the game.

Frogs Fans should not lose focus of the players and coaches who take the field, who mentally and physically put in the time and preparation to play. They put in the blood, sweat, and tears. When others were sleeping in or having beers on a boat all summer long, they were preparing for the football season. Now that it’s here, these players go to class all day, then they go to practice, then it’s off to bed. They wake up, rinse and repeat. It’s not an easy college experience. They are not living the Greek life. It’s a grind. They do it for love.

As far as the problems that seem to keep haunting the Frogs: Turnovers, injuries, consistency. There is no easy fix. Coach Patterson is a brilliant and highly successful coach. He gets paid millions of dollars to do this job. Many other programs would die to have Coach P roaming their sideline. Better days are ahead. Stay positive Frog fans!

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