Why TCU will Bury Texas Tech Tonight

Why TCU will Bury Texas Tech Tonight

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Why TCU will Bury Texas Tech Tonight

When I say horrible defense what school comes to mind? Texas Tech.

When I say constantly under performing and never living up to expectations what school comes to mind? Texas Tech.

Here is a live look at Texas Tech:


Texas Tech’s defense is bad plain and simple, Tech does not have the athletes on defense to keep up with the rest of the Big 12. TCU will be able to run at will against the Tech front 7 and pass protection should hold up just fine. Darius and Sewo should have monster games, scoring will not be an issue against Tech. This will be a breakout game for the offense, I predict a lot of scoring and moving the ball at will. Whichever QB plays for TCU (Please be OK Shawn) should have a nice game since Tech’s secondary is below league average.  TCU must keep the turnovers down but Tech is only averaging .8 interceptions and .6 fumbles per game. I don’t foresee many turnovers coming off a bye week since TCU will have plenty of time to prepare and clean up the turnovers (Please God). TCU will finally have a breakout offensive performance that will propel the Frogs to a great second half of the season.

Texas Tech’s offense has been explosive at times and stagnant at times as well, this is partially due to who will be playing QB. Alan Bowman is the best of the bunch with a huge arm but he left the previous game with a partially collapsed lung, which is not great. Bowman is doubtful to return against TCU, I mean a collapsed lung probably hurts. If he does return I will be curious to see how he responds when Ben Banogu lays the wood on him, again highly doubtful he plays. The next QB and the one most likely to play is Jett Duffy, what a candyass name first off. Duffy is a dual threat who has played meaningful snaps only in the West Virginia game and threw 2 picks and lost but had some nice moments as well.  Duffy can move around a little bit but I am not concerned given how fast Garret Wallow is and how Innis Gaines just eats people. The last QB is McLane Carter, who has had a ankle injury for a few weeks, Carter has to be able to run to be successful and Kingsbury said he is very doubtful to play. TJ Vasher who is a legit WR is coming back from a knee injury this against the Frogs but hopefully is not back to 100%. Tech will score just given how their offense is structured but they haven’t played a defense anywhere close to the caliber of TCU’s.

This will be a good match up of two teams that frankly don’t like each other and really need this win. I expect TCU to come out firing from the beginning and light it up on the ground, Darius needs at least 20 carries this game, we need to feed him because he’s hungry. We need to establish the run early and then get Shawn going in the passing game. TCU’s D is the best in the Big 12 and I expect our D to have a huge game against whichever QB Tech plays and finally turn the tide in the turnover margin.

Score: TCU 45 Tech 34.

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