The Worst Fan Base In The Nation

The Worst Fan Base In The Nation

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The Worst Fan Base In The Nation

The worst fan base in the nation, in my opinion, boils down to two teams, it’s obviously Baylor and Texas Tech. Since the almighty Frogs are taking on the lowly runts of a football team from Lubbock this week, I think it’s time to evaluate whether Tech honestly does have the worst fan base in the nation. 

Let’s take it all back to my first visit in 2013 to the desolate desert pit of despair the locals call Lubbock. Some of the TCU team’s support staff went out for dinner the night of arrival for a (thankfully) short stay in the not so hospitable city. After a long evening of work setting up for the team, they were denied service and kicked out of the restaurant for wearing TCU gear … Nothing but class from Tech fans (shocker). And the disreputable behavior didn’t stop there.

As many may know, Tech fans have an extremely idiotic tradition of throwing tortillas on the field. I mean, nothing screams a low IQ like wasting a perfectly good tortilla! However, some people may not know that a lot of times those tortillas are wrapped around batteries that are being hurled at players, coaches, and cheerleaders of opposing teams. What’s worse is there are police who watch and do nothing. They were simply an extension to the rabid lunatics in the stands.

On top of all that, the game had to be temporarily stopped due to a full water bottle whizzing out of the stands that missed GMFP’s head by only about an inch or two.

The refs had to threaten the fans with a 15-yard penalty to start behaving like rational adults. It was similar to a parent threatening a child with a timeout for bullying the other kids at recess. Then again, I would probably act out too if I had to live in Lubbock during the entire school year.

And that wasn’t the only time the Raiders threw water bottles at the Frogs. It happened the next time we were in Lubbock in 2015: 

It’s amazing that this was all from just one experience. The proof that Tech fans are the worst was all but inconclusive in my mind from that point forward. And they seem to continue adding on to their own demise. Take a look at some of their game day signs:

It takes a real trash can of a person to take shots at hurricane victims. Seeing that this post has 1,283 likes looks like Lubbock is filled with a lot of garbage that needs to be taken out to the curb.

Even people on TripAdvisor have taken to tell the world how terrible Tech fans are:

I completely agree with you Seth H from Amarillo … worst fans in the nation.

I guess that’s just the fan base you get after accepting and signing your name on a paper napkin! If you still don’t believe me after all this hard-hitting evidence, you’ll just have to go visit Jones Stadium for yourself. I just hope Cumbie and the boys hang another 82 on them at home this year! Go frogs!

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