Texas Tech Players Talk TCU And It May Be Bulletin Board Material

Texas Tech Players Talk TCU And It May Be Bulletin Board Material


Texas Tech Players Talk TCU And It May Be Bulletin Board Material

Texas Tech Red Raiders’ football players, Broderick Washington and Terence Steele, spoke about their upcoming matchup with TCU. Based on what they had to say, it appears Tech starting quarterback, Alan Bowman is out; even though Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury has not stated that publicly. Steele also believes they have faced better defensive lines than TCU.  He went even further and stated that he doesn’t think Ben Banogu is anything special. He may regret saying that about Mr. Banogu.

The following script was taken from Jarret Johnson. He is the publisher of insidetheredraiders.com and co-host of the Rockin’ Pregame Show on 101.1 FM in Lubbock, Texas. Read below for more on this subject and go to the KillerFrogs.com Fan Forum to check out their reactions.

The following is a transcript of Texas Tech junior defensive tackle Broderick Washington and right tackle Terence Steele’s answers to questions from the media Tuesday during the weekly luncheon press conference provided by the athletic department. Texas Tech (3-2, 1-1 in the Big 12) takes on TCU (3-2, 1-1) 6:30 p.m. Thursday at Amon Carter Stadium in Fort Worth (TX).


What have you noticed on the tape about TCU has really stuck out to you?

BRODERICK WASHINGTON: Their O-line is pretty physical. They’ve got good skill guys, good quarterback play. Overall they’re a pretty good offense.

The quarterbacks, is it a little tougher that you have to potentially prepare for two different ones since you don’t know who is going to start for them?

BRODERICK WASHINGTON: A little bit. Just because we don’t really know if they want to do the same things they do with 3 as they do with the back-up guy. We don’t know if they want to use them the same way. Other than that, we’re preparing for 3 to be the starter so.

Do you lick your chops when you see a mobile quarterback or do you grown a little bit?

BRODERICK WASHINGTON: I guess I get excited a little bit for the challenge, I guess. Knowing that he’s not scared to run at me or anything like that. So I guess it gets me excited.

I guess with TCU, I know you said the line’s physical. Does that get the defensive line fired up a little bit, because it could be a battle between the two lines there?

BRODERICK WASHINGTON: Yes, sir, it does. Because especially you know somebody’s not going to let you punk them, it gets you fired up. In practice you know you’ve got to bring it, and the scout guys are going to bring it. We’ll be well prepared for it because we practice physical against each other all the time. So it’s just another day, really.

Without giving anything away, how do you handle the type of running backs they have? They’ve got some guys that can go at you or they’ve got some guys that can run away from you with the speed?

BRODERICK WASHINGTON: We haven’t really seen any downhill running backs really. But we’ve seen the guy that’s will jump cut from one gap and go all the way across and stuff like that. So we’re prepared for that. Really just the physical, downhill part, we see that in our running backs every day, so we’re prepared for it.

What do you remember from last year’s game against TCU and some things you want to work on with that? I know it’s a year later, but it’s still a lot of the same guys.

BRODERICK WASHINGTON: Really just recovering those turnovers. When they put the ball on the ground, we’ve got to get it and put the ball back to our offense.


Do you think this pass rush for TCU is going to be one of, if not the, best ones you’ve faced this season?

TERENCE STEELE: Personally, no. I feel like we’ve faced better D-lines this season. But they’re definitely up there with the ones we’ve played so far. So I don’t expect nothing different.

What sticks out To you about the scouting report of TCU’s D?

TERENCE STEELE: The D-line as a whole is very good. Like last year they held us to three points. That was unacceptable from us. But, yeah, the D-line’s solid.

Were you part of the group that went to the hospital, and if so, what was the scene like there?

TERENCE STEELE: Yeah, he was in good spirits. He was happy with everyone. He’s out now. He’s rehabbing, getting better.

Mentally, whenever your quarterback takes a hit like that, to cause an injury of that nature, do you let it get to you or do you kind of feel bad? How does that go?

TERENCE STEELE: Me, personally, it just tells me I’ve got to tighten up. Can’t let stuff like that happen anymore. Just got to, you know, just bring your “A” game.

How has Alan progressed in his recovery process? How much of it have you seen? Does he look like he’s getting back on track?

TERENCE STEELE: I haven’t been there to watch him or nothing. But I see him walking around. He’s happy, smiling, in good spirits. So, yeah.

What have you been able to see from Alan from a leadership standpoint? He seems like somebody who is pretty vocal, especially on the sidelines?

TERENCE STEELE: Yeah, Alan, he’s good. He’s pretty vocal. He’ll tell you when you’re messing up. He always comes up. Every time I see him, he comes up and shows me love. That’s just his personality.

From what you can tell on film, how is TCU using Ben Banogu this year, number 15? Does it look like he’s coming more from your side or Travis’s side?

TERENCE STEELE: 15 is more my side. Yes, I’ll be going against him most of the game.

So what is the scouting report on him? Or what do you feel will be the keys to keeping him disruptive?

TERENCE STEELE: I went against him last year. I didn’t see nothing special from him. So I’m expecting the same thing as the previous season.

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