Mike Leach On Kingsbury's Style

Mike Leach On Kingsbury's Style


Mike Leach On Kingsbury's Style

Former Texas Tech and current Washington State Cougars Head Coach, Mike Leach has a reputation for exciting news conferences. The offensive guru, known as the mad scientist, is the former coach of current Texas Tech Head Football Coach Kliff Kingsbury and current TCU Offensive Coordinator, Sonny Cumbie. Leach also coached Lincoln Riley, current Head Coach of the Oklahoma Sooners. All three of them were once his quarterbacks at Tech. Leach surely has had a significant influence on their offensive philosophy and teaching them the game of football. One thing he claims no credit for is the fashion choices of Coach Kingsbury aka Coach Bro. Watch below to see how Leach reacts to pictures of the ‘outfit’ Kingsbury sported for the Red Raiders last football game against West Virginia.

Leach was looking at this picture of Kingsbury:

The only real question here: Is Coach Bro watching a little too much UFC and Connor McGregor?

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