Coach P Presser Notes - Texas Tech Week

Coach P Presser Notes - Texas Tech Week


Coach P Presser Notes - Texas Tech Week

TCU Horned Frogs Head Football Coach Gary Patterson talked about Texas Tech, his TCU football team, the Big 12 Conference, and more during his weekly Tuesday press conference. Here are the notes. The last tidbit is a must read.

Coach P Talking Texas Tech:

  • Its Big 12 Conference play, TCU has had two big conference games so far. Both games have been tight ballgames and Coach P doesn’t expect this game to be any different.
  • Texas Tech Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury is one of the brightest offensive minds in college football. The Kansas City Chiefs are definitely using some of Kingsbury’s plays in the NFL with former Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Coach P is watching film on the Kansas City Chiefs as part of his gameday preparation.
  • Texas Tech is averaging almost 50 points and 600 yards a game. Tech is always a challenge to play. Their defense has vastly improved. They come at you. They have everybody back, they are experienced.
  • The Frogs need to get ready to handle the knockout punches of Tech’s offense. When Kliff Kingsbury gets this much time to prepare, it’s dangerous. TCU has to get ready to handle those first 25 plays. They need to slow Tech down.
  • Texas Tech is a lot more multiple then they have been in the past. They have added plays that have made them much better. They run the ball much better. They added the counter run play.

Coach P Talking TCU:

  • Shawn Robinson will play against Texas Tech, that’s a promise. But, he may not start. Robinson wants out there, he doesn’t want to miss any time. Coach P is not going to tip his hat on how much Robinson will play. Coach Kingsbury is being smart and not saying which one of his quarterbacks will play.
  • The TCU offensive coaching room is excellent. They have been together a while and work well together. Every guy in that room has been an offensive coordinator at one point in their coaching career. Coach P has a lot of confidence in his offensive coaches.
  • Everyone thought TCU was great after the Ohio State game. Everyone thinks that they are not very good after the Iowa State game. Coach P is not happy about only scoring 17 points in that game, but it was still enough to win. Sometimes, the Frogs fanbase thinks a 17-14 win against Iowa State is a loss. Iowa State is a good team. Iowa State has an outstanding defense. The Cyclones offense has thrown for over 300 yards against Oklahoma and Oklahoma State this year. TCU held them to just 14 points.
  • The Frogs have to get healthy. They need all of their chess pieces to get where they want to go. Jaelan Austin has got to get back on the field. Jalen Reagor has to get healthy. The Frogs tight end, Cole Novak, is finally back. TCU played without two offensive linemen last week and will probably play without two offensive linemen this week.
  • Everyone thought Kenny Hill was a terrible quarterback, but he won 11 games last year. Now everyone wants to get on Shawn Robinson. Coach P wants to see how the rest of the year and the next two years go with Robinson. If Robinson doesn’t work out, everyone will say “I told you so.” If he is right, he will just be quiet and smile.
  • Defensive players at TCU have to understand concepts. That’s why Coach P likes to put offensive players on defense. Offensive guys, particularly quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers, generally learn more concepts in high school. Coach P runs his defense like an offense. Just like a quarterback makes audibles. TCU defense makes checks. Every player and coach himself can change the defensive call at the line of scrimmage.
  • Everyone is just now finding out that Texas is a good football team. Coach P has been saying that all year. Texas is good, and the Frogs were leading that game at halftime.
  • Like any coach, when you are winning, you are a genius. When you are losing, you are horrible. When you have older players, you are better. When you have younger players, you are not as good.

Coach P Talking the Big 12 Conference:

  • A big weakness of the Big 12 is it’s such a strong league. Anybody can beat anybody. Everyone has to play everyone. There is a great chance that nobody will go through the league without a loss. The winner of the Big 12 should absolutely get strong consideration for the College Football Playoff. Other Conference teams should come to play in the Big 12. Everyone else gets to skip playing certain teams. The Big 12 doesn’t skip anyone. TCU plays the same conference teams every year, the teams know each other very well.
  • Being a defensive coach in the Big 12 is a challenge. If things don’t work out for an offensive coach, they punt. You can’t punt on defense. You are stuck on the field, trying to get stops. Coach P would love to have two defensive punts a game. If a team is driving down the field, he would love to be able to stop the other teams drive by calling a punt.
  • A lot of Big 12 teams are going to the three-man front to slow down all the passing. It’s more of a slow death with a three-man front. Teams can’t give up 40-50 points a game. It’s all about winning. You can’t give up a ton of points and win.

Very Interesting Tidbit from Coach P:

  • Coach P was asked about the Texas vs. Oklahoma game in 1999, when then Oklahoma Sooners Offensive Coordinator Mike Leach planted a fake play sheet in pregame warmups against Texas. Leach wanted Texas to get it and think they had Oklahoma’s opening plays of the game. Texas did get it and used it, to their disadvantage. They fell behind 17 points before they realized they had been fooled. Coach P thinks that was awesome. He is always concerned about other teams cheating and getting his game plan. When it’s time for the nuts and bolts of his practice, he moves practice indoors. He does this because he is concerned about someone filming from a window of one of the buildings outside. Coach knows, first hand, this is happening in college football. He knows about one team that hired a construction worker to film an opponents practice. The worker pretended to be working but was filming the team’s practice instead. College football is big business and teams will go to extreme lengths to win. He makes sure all of his play sheets are shredded after practice.

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