Will Baylor Get the Death Penalty?

Will Baylor Get the Death Penalty?

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Will Baylor Get the Death Penalty?

Baylor Football has officially been put on notice by the NCAA for formal allegations of a lack of institutional control. All I have to say is how in the world did it take this long…. I mean really NCAA? It’s taken you over two years to realize that something was monumentally flawed at Baylor Football? It really is fitting that the most corrupt organization in sports (besides FIFA… maybe) also seems to be the most inept. 

In all reality, I highly doubt Baylor will get the death penalty but in the vague world of “lack of institutional control”, it is a possibility. This clause essentially gives the NCAA the ability to hand down any sanctions they want. In recent years, we have seen both USC and Miami’s football programs hit with this penalty. They both were handed down fairly heavy punishments including scholarship reductions, bowl bans and more. It’s too early to tell what the NCAA has in mind for the Baylor Bears, but the process will include a formal hearing and likely will not be resolved until early 2019. 

It will be very interesting to see what happens here and The Beer Bottle QBs will keep you updated every step of the way. 

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