A Message To the Shawn Robinson Haters: Y'all Are Idiots.

A Message To the Shawn Robinson Haters: Y'all Are Idiots.

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A Message To the Shawn Robinson Haters: Y'all Are Idiots.

There have been a lot of Shawn Robinson haters coming out of the woodwork this week and I have one thing to say to them- SHOVE IT. These clowns are what I like to call football IDIOTS. Has Shawn Robinson had some turnover issues? Yes, he certainly has. It is a significant issue that definitely needs to be fixed. But let’s all remember that he’s a “true sophomore”.

If you can’t see the potential upside in Shawn Robinson, then I’m not sure you have ever watched football at any level. He has shown infinitely more upside than downside throughout the season’s four games. Let’s start with the stats. He’s currently thrown for 841 yards with a 60.7% completion percentage for six TD’s and unfortunately five interceptions. He’s also added 176 yards on the ground averaging 6.5 yards per attempt and an additional three touchdowns. That’s pretty darn good for the kid’s first four real starts.

Frog fans- are we so quick to forget Trevone Boykin’s first game at the same age against an Iowa State team that finished 6-7? Well, let me remind you… he threw three interceptions in a 14-point loss and that was against Iowa State. I guarantee you Texas and Ohio State have far more talent than that 2012 Iowa State team. Prior to the 2014 Big 12 and Peach Bowl season, many Frog fans wanted Matt Joeckel to start. No offense to Matt, but we wouldn’t have accomplished what we did that year with him at the helm. Clearly, some of our fan base is far too quick to forget the ebbs and flows of the past.

At the end of the day, we all need to have some patience because Shawn Robinson is still a kid. Fans are all to quick to attack a player for a few bad plays in an important game and are simply blind to the full picture. Shawn’s a full-time college student that also has a full-time job of playing football. That’s a really hard thing to do, especially as freshmen and sophomores. I’m sure that many people will retort with “but dude, football players don’t have to go to class… their schooling is a joke”, but as a Graduate Assistant who was in charge of checking to ensure our kids were in class every day, I can assure you their asses were in those seats. So let’s all take a breath and realize we have a guy that’s possibly the most physically talented player to ever step foot on the field in a TCU uniform at the QB position. 

It is a Beer Bottle QBs Guarantee that all the haters will be regretting their words over the next few years as Shawn grows into THE SUPERSTAR we all know he can be. I can’t wait for that national championship; it’s going to be dope!

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