Coach Patterson Presser Notes - Week 5

Coach Patterson Presser Notes - Week 5


Coach Patterson Presser Notes - Week 5

TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson touched on a lot of topics during his weekly, Tuesday morning, press conference.  Here are the notes.

Talking Defense:

The coach explained that his defense has been playing a lot of man coverage.  It’s difficult to create turnovers in man coverage because the defense is not watching and reading the quarterback.  The man coverage has helped them on third down stops.

The defense needs to tackle better.

Losing Niko Small to injury in the second half last week hurt.  He is the general of the secondary.  Niko is still banged up and they need him to get healthy.

Defense is young.  Probably faster than in the past but more out of control.

Players need to make the plays they are supposed to make.  They are not going to make a lot of great plays against great teams.  Missing the plays they are supposed to make is what can lose the game.

Talking Offense:

Shawn Robinson has a banged up shoulder but he is fine.  He will practice and will start.  His demeanor has been good.  They are not worried about Robinson.

They need to hold on to the football.

Nobody is panicking. They don’t make rash decisions.  Rash decisions are usually bad decisions.  They had over 500 yards against Ohio State and outgained Texas.  They were ahead (at halftime) in both losses.

Can’t treat your quarterbacks like a girlfriend.  Less is more approach, works best.  That’s a key to life in general.

Andy Dalton, Trevone Boykin, and Kenny Hill all had their struggles early and all ended up pretty good quarterbacks.

Darius Anderson is a little banged up but will be good to go.

They need to figure out what’s going on in the third quarter.  They are going to change some things up in practice.

Talking Cyclones:

Iowa State doesn’t beat themselves.  TCU has been doing that the last few weeks.

David Montgomery is a really good back.  He doesn’t go down easy.  They need to keep an eye on him.

Cyclones have a good, big, nose tackle that TCU wanted.

They know they are going to get a surprise from Iowa State.  Something that the Cyclones haven’t shown this year, but have shown in the past at some point.

General Talk:

The team played hard last week.  They didn’t give up.

They need a lot of energy this week.  Need a loud crowd.

The punter (Nunez) is trying to go.  Losing kickers and punters to getting hit is bad.

He makes decisions to manage a whole season, not just one ballgame.  He looks at the big picture.

New redshirt rule hasn’t really come in to play much for them because of injuries.

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