Tommy, Tommy, Tommy Herman You Might Need To Walk Before You Run

Tommy, Tommy, Tommy Herman You Might Need To Walk Before You Run

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Tommy, Tommy, Tommy Herman You Might Need To Walk Before You Run

I’m not sure if Tommy Boy has been spending too much time at the strip club again but he is certainly overvaluing Texas’ win over a USC team that managed a whopping 3 points against Stanford just two weeks ago! It may be a big win for a Texas program that has had little to celebrate over the last five years… but celebrating your win over TCU a full week before the game is quite the jump. This is bulletin board material for sure, and I’m stoked that he was dumb enough to say this to the media out loud. We get up for Texas every year, so the fact that big dumb dumb Tommy Boy Herman is already celebrating this “victory” is even more motivation for Gary and the Flying Frogs.

Tommy has had no shortage of gaffes on the podium this year- from saying they played like crap against Maryland because they wanted it JUST SO DARN BAD (I’m sure they wanted it so much more than the team that just had a teammate tragically pass away and is entrenched in a coaching crisis) to talking about how HARD beating Tulsa by 7 points at home was… the same Tulsa that turned around and lost to Arkansas State at home the week after. I’m sure that was mighty difficult to overpower the perennial powerhouse of Tulsa, Oklahoma Tommy. After all of that, and now these comments to come out and give GMFP and a program, that thrives on being the underdog, BULLETIN BOARD MATERIAL, may be the dumbest of all. But thank you very much, Tommy, because now, more than ever, the Frogs are fired up for the Drive For Five- the opportunity to beat the Texas Longhorns FIVE years in a row.

By no means do I think this will be a pushover game. After a competitive loss to Ohio State and being a Top 25 ranked team, we have a target on our back going into Big 12 play. It’s also never easy to play an away game in a stadium featuring 100,000+ screaming fans. But the fact that Herman has the audacity to predict a win a week before the game and then continue to talk about their plans to win the conference championship shows me he’s already underestimating the talent of the Frogs. He is living in the delusion that his Rivals Flashy Five Stars are a bigger asset than the players that grind harder than anyone else in the Big 12.

Anyone who’s familiar with the TCU program knows exactly why we win games and it’s not because we have players showered with unwitting praise of media nobodies when they are sophomores in high school. We thrive on finding the overlooked, undervalued, and overachieving football players that the powerhouse programs consistently ignore year in and year out. So if you’re ever worried about TCU being overconfident heading into the UT game as a 2.5 point favorite, don’t be. Every year schools, like Texas, look right past our guys in favor of the Flashy Five Stars; and I guarantee you that not one Frog forgets that.

So Tommy, thank you for the quote. I’m sure it pissed Gary and the team off and it sure as hell gets me more amped for Saturday’s match up! Tommy’s overconfidence is always welcomed by the underdogs. I can’t wait to capture that all elusive 5th straight win over Texas this year!

Go Frogs!!

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