Ten Reasons to Hate the Longhorns

Ten Reasons to Hate the Longhorns


Ten Reasons to Hate the Longhorns

It’s Longhorns Hate Week, in Horned Frog Nation.  Frogs fans are not the trash talking type.  TCU fans generally respect every opponent and realize that anybody can beat anybody, at any time.  It’s a fact in the world of big-time college football.

That being said, let’s have some fun, and look at 10 reasons to hate the University of Texas Longhorns.  These are in no particular order.

1. The Longhorns best football tradition is starting the year overrated.

Every year college football fans hear about how Texas is going to be so good.  They got that new hot coach, you know, so and so.  They just scored the number one recruiting class in the nation. They have 82 players that can bench press and squat the team bus. Yet, come late October, they are praying to finish the season bowl eligible.

2. The Longhorn Network

The Longhorn Network is a complete disaster.  Only the Horns would be arrogant enough to want their own ESPN channel.  It’s widely reported that the network is losing buckets of cash, daily.  It could be saved by simply converting it to say, The Big 12 Network.  Just like the successful Big 10 Network and SEC Network.  This would be a win-win situation for all the Big 12 member schools, as well as the fans. The network could then cover teams that actually win.  However, we all know, Texas would never be on board with that.

3. They think every coach in America dreams of being the next Longhorns’ head coach.

Every time the Longhorns get upset with their coach, they start a website called Fireinsertnamehere.com.  Then, they immediately start talking about how they are going to get Gary Patterson, Nick Saban, Dabo Swinney, Bill Belichick, or whoever else is currently winning a lot of football games.  Because, clearly, they’d all rather be in Austin.

4. They don’t know the 10 commandments. Specifically, #8 and #10. Thou shall not steal and thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s goods.

The Horns are notorious for acting like they are superior to you, and everything they have is far better than what you have.  The Horns then turn around and try to steal your people.  It generally doesn’t work, however, they recently succeeded in stealing a well-liked athletic director from TCU.

Continuing with tradition, the Frogs had a plan in place, and are in good hands.

5. Nobody does less with more.

The Longhorns routinely seduce Texas high school football stars into continuing their promising careers, in Austin.  They, then, proceed to ruin their football careers.  One day, the five-star – can’t miss – football stud is just a few years away from playing in the NFL.  The next day, he is a member of the working class. We all know recruiting rankings don’t always translate into wins.  This is especially true at the University of Texas.

6. Mathew McConaughey

The Texas Longhorns alumni and super-fan is a good actor.  However, his college football knowledge is suspect.  In November 2016, a local Austin reporter asked McConaughey what he thought of, then Longhorns head coach, Charlie Strong.  McConaughey gave a statement of support then put his foot in his mouth with “that’s why we are going to go out and whup TCU’s ass Friday”.  This would be understandable coming from a diehard fan if TCU hadn’t whipped the Horns ass the year before 50-7.  TCU ended up winning the game 31-9, in Austin.

7. They ruined the Texas Longhorn. 

We can probably all agree that the Longhorn is a beautiful representative of the great State of Texas.  But, who wants to put a picture of one on their walls and be reminded, every day, of that school in Austin.

8. The Big 12 is better when Texas and Oklahoma are good.  

These are the two giant cornerstone state schools in the Big 12.  Like it or not, the Big 12 is better when they are both good.  The problem is Texas hasn’t been good at football since 2009.

9. Longhorns fans think they are the best college football team in Texas.

Anybody who actually watches college football knows when it comes to big-time college football, the TCU Horned Frogs run this state.  It’s not even close.  TCU has the most top 10 finishes in the last decade, with six.


10.  The zillions and zillions of T-shirt fans.

Generally, the most obnoxious Longhorn fans couldn’t point out Austin, Texas on a map.  They bought their t-shirt at Walmart. Then, are quick to point out how the Horns are the richest athletic department in the country and blah blah blah.

To add your 2 cents, to Texas Hate Week, go to KillerFrogs.com.  Go Frogs!



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