TCU's Best and Worst Case Scenarios for The Ohio State Game

TCU's Best and Worst Case Scenarios for The Ohio State Game


TCU's Best and Worst Case Scenarios for The Ohio State Game

It’s here y’all, TCU vs Ohio State. The Frogs vs a North American tree or shrub related to the horse chestnut, with showy yellow, red, or white flowers. Seriously that is what a Buckeye is, google it, very intimidating.

I am going to lay out the Best Case and Worst Case Scenario for TCU vs The Fighting Shrubs.

Let’s start it off with the Worst Case Scenario for the Frogs because this would just really suck:

TCU opens the game and looks young, Offensive line is getting dominated, Shawn Robinson can’t get a rhythm going and TCU punts twice in the first quarter. OSU picks up where they left off on offense, TCU can’t generate a pass rush and Haskins is picking us apart. A botched Zone Read hand-off from TCU leads to a fumble on our own 40 and OSU leads 14-0 at the end of Quarter 1. TCU is able to put together a decent drive but misses a field goal circa 2016. OSU gets the ball back and adds a field goal of their own. 17-0 Shrubs. A couple of nice plays by Turpin and Reagor lead to a TCU touchdown 17-7. OSU has another drive where TCU can’t generate a pass rush, a pass interference call leads to a big play, OSU goes up 24-7. OSU has 2 sacks and an incomplete pass on the next drive, TCU’s offense stalls and punts. Botched coverage leads to another huge play and OSU adds a field goal before the half to go up 27-7.  3rd Quarter is more of the same for TCU’s offense, but the defense implements halftime adjustments and holds OSU to a field goal. TCU adds a field goal after a big Turpin return and the score is 30-10 after 3. OSU goes into kill the clock mode in the 4th quarter but TCU shows a couple of trick plays and adds a touchdown. The score is 30-17, too little too late. OSU kills the clock and has a methodical drive and adds a touchdown with 2 minutes left of the clock score 37-17. OSU defense holds and the game ends at 37-17. Please don’t let this happen Frogs.

Now let’s get into the fun stuff with TCU’s Best Case Scenario:

TCU’s offense looks electric, Shawn Robinson is running all over the place making plays with his legs. OSU’s so-called incredible pass rush isn’t a factor because Shawn is too elusive. TCU scores with ease on the opening drive. 7-0, Good Guys. OSU’s offense isn’t used to TCU’s speed in the secondary after playing Rutgers and Oregon State and OSU receivers can’t get open. OSU punts opening drive. 7-0 Frogs. IT’S TURPIN TIME!!!! Turp returns a punt and TCU goes up 14-0. OSU is shocked. OSU settles in a little bit and drives, a HUGE sack by Banogu and OSU is forced to kick a field goal. 14-3 Frogs. TCU gets the ball and its the Two-Headed Monster backfield of Darius and Sewo time. Darius and Sewo carry the rock and are driving. Darius jukes Nick Bose so bad he cries and TCU adds another score 21-3. OSU is frantic, Ryan Day is losing his mind. OSU puts together an OK drive but a pass interference and botched coverage lead to an OSU score: 21-10 Frogs at the end of the half. I immediately run to the beer stand and buy as much beer as possible because this is going to get good. OSU opens the 3rd quarter with the Tate Martell package and he promptly throws a pick right to Innis “Gimme Dat” Gaines. Shawn adds a highlight reel scamper on the ground and TCU is balling and is up 28-10 now. OSU goes back to Haskins and has a nice drive and puts a score in, boooo. 28-17 Frogs. OSU gains some momentum and is able to add another touchdown, I’m getting a little nervous. 28-24 TCU at the end of the 3rd quarter, OSU fans have started to get too confident. Shawn takes a quote from Lee Corso and says  “NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND” and throws a dime to Reagor for a 45 yard TD. 35-24, TCU. Ryan Day makes another big mistake and puts Martell back in and he tries to reverse the field and make a play but is sacked by Ty “THE GUY” Summers for an 8-yard loss and OSU punts. As the old saying goes if you want to win let Sewo spin.  Sewo carries 8 times on this drive and TCU adds a field goal to put the lead to 38-24. OSU gets the ball back with 6 minutes left, Haskins is finally back in the game and leads a drive. OSU scores. 38-31, Frogs at this point. Three minutes left. TCU just needs a first down to put the game away. OSU forces a 3rd and 4. Nick Bosa gets free, Shawn and Bosa one-on-one. Shawn jukes left Bosa picks right and Shawn picks up the first down! The TCU section goes insane, OSU’s fans heads are exploding. I’m going home and cutting all my Shrubs down. The Little Sisters of the Poor beat the Shrubs.

LET’S GO FROGS! Give us the Best Case Scenario.

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