Buckeye Nation Expecting a Blow Out in Arlington

Buckeye Nation Expecting a Blow Out in Arlington


Buckeye Nation Expecting a Blow Out in Arlington

WARNING: This short article may cause your blood pressure to rise. Mine sure did, when writing this.

If you spend any time on social media, you will find that the large majority, if not all, of Buckeye Nation, firmly believes that The Mighty Ohio State Buckeyes will blow the doors off the Horned Frogs on Saturday.  You should read, 10 reasons to hate Ohio State, published a few days ago by Frogswire.com.

It is now Thursday, and we have all new material.  The following tweet starts with the Horned Frogs twitter account announcing, GameDay is back on campus.  See how a Buckeye fan responds below.

Thank you, Jeff, but surely TCU fans have not forgotten about the College Football Invitational’s extreme bias, in favor of the NCAA blue bloods.  This was well documented in 2014.  The Buckeyes have deep pockets and zillions and zillions of T-shirt fans; correction fans.  Matter of fact, the word is the Buckeyes are so dang scary, that ESPN is even afraid of their greatness.

Listen up, Buckeye Nation, no disrespect to Ohio State, but TCU can play some football, too.  Since 2005, TCU has the 6th best record nationally with a 130-40 overall record.  In the last decade, TCU has finished in the top 10 six times.  The Frogs are currently ranked the 15th best team in the nation. You do realize this, right?

Buckeye fans should at least respect the team speed of TCU, anyone who watches college football knows the Frogs are fast.

Ok, maybe not, so what do Buckeye fans honestly believe the score of the game will be?

Saturday will be fun!  KillerFrogs.com fan forum will have live, in-game, commentary.  Become a member for free and follow along.  Watch for a live podcast, tomorrow night, from AT&T Stadium.  Go Frogs!

Look up in the sky, during tailgating 4:00pm – 6:00pm, for a special message to the Blue-Blood team.

DISCLAIMER:  These are just a small sample of the Ohio State fan tweets.  Many of them contain words that can not be published.



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