Five Things TCU Fans May Want to Know About Playing tOSU

Five Things TCU Fans May Want to Know About Playing tOSU


Five Things TCU Fans May Want to Know About Playing tOSU

It’s almost time.  The game Horned Frogs have been waiting for, since 2011. And, then reminded again, in 2014.  Remember that ol’ Little Sisters of the Poor comment; then that time we were 3rd in the nation, and dropped to 6th, for no good reason?  I could go on and on, but instead, let’s focus on the task at hand.  Here are five things fans may want to know about playing the Ohio State Buckeyes.

1. Their quarterback, Dwayne Haskins, is really good.  He currently has the third-best odds of winning the Heisman Trophy.  Haskins ranks 4th in the nation with a 93.4 Total QBR.  This past off-season, he beat out fifth-year senior, Joe Burrow, forcing him to transfer to LSU, where he is now the starter.

2. The Buckeyes are absolutely loaded at Defensive End.  On one side, they have Nick Bosa.  He is projected, by most, to be the first overall pick in the 2019 NFL draft.  His brother, Joey, was a top-five pick, out of Ohio State, a few years ago.  Sports Illustrated has him on their Heisman Trophy watch list.

At the other Defensive End position is Chase Young.  This guy is projected, by many, to be a top 10 NFL draft pick.  He is a fiery player who was ejected last week for getting two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.  Young is still eligible and will be playing all four quarters against TCU.  Well, unless he gets ejected again.

The Buckeyes also rotate in Jonathon Cooper.  He was ranked the 33rd best player, in the nation, coming out of high school in 2016.

3. Ohio State’s starting offensive line is BIG.  They average 6’6″ and 309.6 pounds.  That is bigger than their National Football League neighbor to the north, the Cleveland Browns.

4. The Buckeyes are fast.  They have at least 10 players who were clocked under 4.4 seconds in the 40-yard dash, including the 2018’s fastest college football player, Kendall Sheffield.  Ohio State likes to utilize that speed, and throw it deep.

5. The Horned Frogs can beat the Buckeyes. Ohio State’s biggest weakness is inexperience at linebacker and defensive back.  They allowed 31 points and nearly 400 yards to Oregon State in week one.  This was mostly due to missed tackles, poor angles of pursuit, and blown assignments. However, they did redeem themselves against Rutgers last week, allowing just three points.  Then again, KU is picked to beat Rutgers this week, so keep that in mind.  Ohio State will be without their three-time national championship head coach, Urban Meyer.  He is serving the last week of his three-game suspension.  This will be the first real match-up for both teams this season.

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