10 Reasons to Hate Ohio State

10 Reasons to Hate Ohio State


10 Reasons to Hate Ohio State

Ohio State and TCU have both completed week two, so it is now Buckeye Hate Week for Horned Frog Nation.  THE Ohio State University Buckeyes travel to Arlington this Saturday, September 15th, for a 7:00 p.m. primetime matchup.  Let’s have some fun and look at 10 reasons to hate those blue blood Buckeyes. The following is in no particular order.

1. Buckeye Nation firmly believes that those little sisters of the poor, private school kids, from Texas Christian University, don’t even have a prayer against the Big Boys, like them.

2. The football players get really upset if they actually have to go to class while in college.

3. Buckeye Nation believes the word “THE” belongs to them.

4. They claim Lebron James as a great Ohio State Buckeye.  The only problem, he never even went to college.

5. Their football players act like this.

Then, they make t-shirts celebrating the act.

6. The year 2014.  The college football invitational jumped the Buckeyes from 5 to 4 and dropped the Horned Frogs from 3 to 6 in the final rankings.  This cost the Frogs a well-deserved chance to win the National Championship.

7. Their mascot is a tree nut named Brutus and he got beat up during a home game.

8.  Horned Frog fans either went to TCU, work for TCU, live near Ft. Worth or have a close relative/loved one who went to TCU.  Most Buckeye fans have never even been to Columbus Ohio, let alone, actually stepped foot on campus.

9. You can never trust a Buckeye.

10.  Just in case this hasn’t been mentioned.  Remember, TCU was three in the College Football Playoff committee show the first week of December 2014.  Then, TCU won by 50 points and dropped three spots.  Barry Alvarez later admitted that the committee messed up.  Yes, the pain is still very real.

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