Be A Part Of The Largest Online Community For TCU Fans:

Be A Part Of The Largest Online Community For TCU Fans:


Be A Part Of The Largest Online Community For TCU Fans:

TCU Football Season is just around the corner!  You can almost smell it in the air.  This time of the year reminds me of waiting for Christmas when I was a kid!  It took forever to get here and then was over in a blink of an eye.

Do you want to know how to get the most out of the Horned Frog football season?  Want to be in the know?  Want to be entertained?  Yes? Then you must go to and register as a member. It’s free to just troll the forum and only $20 to be an official KillerFrog!!! Come on!  KillerFrogs has been around for over 25 years!!! It’s your source for TCU athletic news and colorful commentary from the largest community of #FrogFam on the internet!

Click here to register.  Make sure to pick a unique name.  In other words, don’t use your own name. You will eventually figure out why. PurplFrawg is an active member and has even risen to be an administrator.  Let me tell you, he has some serious self-restraint to be an administrator.  Again, just wait a little while and you’ll see why.  Check out this thread…See the little number in the right-hand corner?  Haha, yeah #34,045 posts.  That is the number of Baylor tears!

This thread was started by, TCU dirtbag, that infamous year, of 2014.  We should have been in the playoffs. 61-58, three lousy points from a perfect season. And it wasn’t like we lost to a crappy Baylor. Baylor was fighting for a place in the CFP too.  But, I digress.  The hurt is real.  If your pain is still real, click here (BAYLOL TEARS) and you’ll start to feel a little better.

So what are the KillerFrogs talking about this week?  Well, of course, Urban Myer.  This thread was started today at 10:08am by TCURiggs.  Click the picture below to see for yourself…10 pages and counting; hence the tagline, Lowering Office Productivity Since 1997.

Do you like Podcasts? We have them and they aren’t half bad, either.  Click here to go to the KillerHour Library where you can hear from Coach Schloss, ADJD, and us knuckleheads.

This one is a personal favorite. Coach Schloss, stayed.  The KillerFrogs Episode 97 – Coach Schlossnagle

Come to join the fun. This is going to be a Killer Season!!! Go Frogs!


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