TCU Tennis Coach Shares Secret To Recruiting

TCU Tennis Coach Shares Secret To Recruiting

Men's Tennis

TCU Tennis Coach Shares Secret To Recruiting

TCU Men’s Tennis program has won the last three Big 12 Championships.  That is one heck of an accomplishment!

With this kind of success, people want to know, what’s your secret?  We know you need good players, great coaching and you need a little bit of luck.  But, how do you get the players to pick your program over all the other programs in the country?  TCU Men’s Tennis Head Coach David Roditi, a TCU Hall of Fame member, has it figured out.  It’s all about the girls!

That’s right, girls… At the 2018 Dallas Coaches Night, TCU Director of Broadcasting, Brian Estridge, asked all of the coaches, what was the one ‘go to’ thing they sold the recruit on to get them to pick the Horned Frogs.  Every coach had great answers.  Head Baseball Coach, Jim Schlossnagle, talked about how there is no other school like TCU. It’s a smaller school but still has big time sports, an awesome campus, and a small class size where every one knows your name and cares about you.  Head Football Coach Gary Patterson said he wants to figure out what’s important to the recruit and his family and he wants to get them on campus and around his players.  What did Coach Roditi say, “I like to get them on campus during rush week”.  Go Frogs!



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