Judgement Day For Big 12 Football

Judgement Day For Big 12 Football


Judgement Day For Big 12 Football

It’s common knowledge, in Big 12 Country, that the toughest path to the College Football Playoffs is here.  It’s a round robin schedule.  It’s a guaranteed one versus two in the conference championship game.  There are no divisions.  You play everyone and every game matters.  No other conference can say that.  Nevertheless, the Big 12 is still playing huge out of conference games.  Games that will shape their national perception.  If there was a judgement day for Big 12 Football in 2018, it’s September 15th. Lets take a look at these games.

Oklahoma State Cowboys versus Boise State Broncos in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Boise State will likely be the best non-power five conference team this year.  They are stacked and very upset about still being in the Mountain West Conference.  Luckily, the Cowboys don’t have to play them on the smurf turf in Idaho.  The trash talking has started.

Next, we have the Texas Longhorns versus USC Trojans in Austin.  According to Las Vegas, the Trojans have 12-1 odds of making the College Football Playoffs.

This game is one hot ticket.  For ‘Hook Em’ fans who watched the Horns play the last several years, it is confusing.

Texas has really improved under Head Coach Tom Herman, though.

Well, they should at least look good getting off the bus.  If Texas can manage to pull this one off, it will be a huge win for the conference.

This brings us to the main attraction.  TCU Horned Frogs versus The Ohio State Buckeyes.

Since 2014, Ohio State has earned four top 10 finishes and TCU has earned three.  These schools know how to play football.  Like T.O. said, get your popcorn ready!  Go Frogs!

Two other out of conference games worth mentioning: West Virginia will travel to North Carolina State and Texas Tech will host Houston.







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