GMFP is Wielding A Giant Truth Hammer at Big 12 Media Days

GMFP is Wielding A Giant Truth Hammer at Big 12 Media Days

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GMFP is Wielding A Giant Truth Hammer at Big 12 Media Days

Everyone knows that recruitment ratings handed out willy-nilly by the media are pretty much trash. Literally half of the “five stars” will never start for a D1 college football team and won’t even sniff the NFL. The day after Texas offers a recruit, you can visit any recruiting site and notice how they magically go from a two star to a five star overnight. Fascinating how that works…

I’m sure thought that they were going to get a great sound bite on developing players and how hard work pays off. Instead, they got walloped over the head with the GMFP truth hammer for how poorly the “recruiting experts” are at predicting the future success of high school football players. Having spent sufficient time watching recruits in the film room with Gary, I have to say, his ability to pick out the tiniest details that leads a player to success or failure at a college level is out of this world. It is half a scientific process honed over thousands of hours watching football and half an innate talent that allows him to see things that others can’t. If you want a little taste, check out his analyses during last year’s CFP games here: 

You gotta love Gary’s ability to have zero cares for calling out BS as he hears it. It’s quite refreshing, especially when most coaches treat the podium like a seasoned politician rather than serve up the honesty that people need to hear. I love every second of it and let’s hope the great quotes keep on rolling!

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