A Glimpse Inside Big 12 Media Days: Day 1

A Glimpse Inside Big 12 Media Days: Day 1


A Glimpse Inside Big 12 Media Days: Day 1

Today was the first day of the Big 12 Media Days.  Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Iowa State, Kansas, and TCU were in the Star today.

There were no awards given, but if I were going to give out awards, I would give the best mascot to….. the Iowa State Cyclone.  All were good but seriously, this little guy has some moves! See all their moves here.

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The best coach’s interview, hands down, goes to GMFP.  He won this award with the answer to the following question from OrangeBloods.com (aka, UT):  Coach, you’re not a guy who gets a ton of five stars, you don’t get a ton of four stars, but you and your staff seem to get a lot out of the guys that you do sign.  How do you guys assess from, a recruiting perspective, the guys that are out there and two stars, three stars, and once they get in your program.  How do you develop them to play at such a high level? Watch Coach P’s entire press conference here.

Okay, so his response was lengthy…but all you need to know is this from Coach P: Number one, that rating is your rating. That’s not my rating.”  Ha! Ding Ding Ding, thank you for playing. Next Question.

I also loved this part of the Q/A. Patterson explained, One of the reasons I’ve stayed at TCU is when you move, and I moved ten times in my first fifteen years and now I’ve been here for 21 years, is that when you move, you’ve got to help yourself get everything in place.  When you stay, you get to help others.  That doesn’t mean TCU or your players, it means the community, Ft. Worth.

Best dressed? This is a tough one, because every athlete looked great!  Three schools, TCU, Iowa State, and OU, were in School Logo Golf Shirts and two schools, KU and Texas Tech. were in suits.  I’m old school, so I am partial to suits, so the award goes to Texas Tech!!!  They sealed the deal when I over heard one of the guys, from the media, ask Dakota Allen about the handkerchief in his lapel pocket.  Allen looked down at it, paused, and said, I don’t know what it means, but Coach is a very good dresser so he helped us with what to wear.  Personally, I would vote for all the players being uniformed in their attire, however, these guys were all in suits of their own: Color, tie, handkerchief, socks, etc…  I loved it!  Well done Texas Tech!

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Media Guides. Have you seen one of these monstrosities?  Seriously, who ever created the first draft, many drafts ago, deserves a medal of honor in Journalism….would that be a Pulitzer?  Look below….a ton of information lies within these pages.  But of course, we tend to judge a book by its cover, so let’s go ahead and do it now. Who’s the best and who’s the worst? For multiple opinions click here.  In the meantime, Iowa State’s Media Guide apparently didn’t ship in time, so we are just going to go ahead and disqualify them. This is better than being named the loser, in my opinion. The loser goes to Baylor.  Come on Baylor. Is this all you got?  The winner is a tough one.  UT’s looks good; except when you lift the hood, you will find that it is lacking.  They only have two pages in color verses four like many of the others (kind of like their recruiting classes).  I know we are only judging the book by its cover, but can we just consider this a tie-braker rule?  Next, West Virginia’s is really good! I love how they are the only ones who bound theirs like a book.  Unfortunately, while it looks the best, it’s just not very user friendly.  Now, Texas Tech was the only one to go half size and that has nothing to do with their defense (I know that’s what you were thinking). But seriously, well thought out. I am a fan. Except you are Tech and I am a TCU judge, so you lose.  Now, for the best. Begrudgingly, it goes to OU.  I just couldn’t give it to TCU. I really wanted to, but the fans just can’t get past “Knuckle Up”.  So congrats OU. You won the best Media Guide Cover. May you only get second to TCU in the Championship this year!

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Last award.  I’m gonna call it: Make Your Mamma (or Coach) Proud!  I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but TCU was the only school (today) who brought five players instead of four.  Adding one more player to the mix is similar to the quote from Forest Gump:  Life is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you’re gonna get.

For example, Shawn Robinson was asked about Omar Manning. See KillerFrogs Fan Forum for more detail.  This was a no-win question for him and he knew it.  His instincts kicked in. He went through his progressions.  He looked to the left (help….) he looked to the right (help…) and then said, I think… that’s a question for Coach P.  Good job, Shawn.  Way to keep your wits about you. You can handle the pressure!

We listened to the majority of the players from the other schools. All made their coaches proud. I can say, I was proud of the Big 12 and I was mostly proud of our Frogs today.   Click their names and take time to get to know Shawn Robinson, Sewo Olonilua, Jaelan Austin, Ben Banogu, and Ty Summers. They are some of TCU’s finest and deserve getting to know.

Go Frogs!!!







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