Schools Out! Report Card Time For ADJD.

Schools Out! Report Card Time For ADJD.


Schools Out! Report Card Time For ADJD.

The school year is over and that means it’s report card time for TCU Athletic Director, Jeremiah Donati, aka ADJD.  We have gone to great lengths, talked to students, alumni, and fans from all over the world; which means we have carefully examined Facebook, Twitter and to carefully compile this report card.

We have six subjects that will be graded.  Winning, School Spirit, Fan Experience, Leadership, Facilities, and Communication.

The ADJD era at TCU started on December 10, 2017.  It was an exciting day…

Lets go through the subjects and check out how he did.

Winning: We will start with the good stuff, the latest and greatest TCU sports news.  Coach Schloss is staying at TCU! We are not exactly sure how much ADJD had to do with this, but we know, he didn’t mess it up.

ADJD is right, no matter what it will be OK but is OK the goal?  With Schloss staying, Frog fans are currently booking rooms for Omaha next year. This is a well deserved ‘A’.  And we will go ahead and add +++ to that for Saarloos staying too!

For not making the post-season, it sure does feel like the best WIN of the season!

Fan Experience: This is an easy ‘A’. He scored beer at Lupton Stadium.  What is more American than a hot dog, cold beer, and baseball? ADJD did even better than just get beer, he got the best beer that Ft. Worth has to offer: Rahr Beer!

Great point Mitch…

School Spirit:  ADJD knows the importance of a packed house and will take it upon himself to help distribute tickets.  That’s impressive and surely appreciated in Horned Frog Nation.  This is an ‘A’.

Leadership:  We all know that it’s critically important to have great people and keep those people happy.  We have another ‘A’ here.  It’s almost football season and Coach P is smiling.

Facilities:  Fans are excited about the east side expansion project at the Carter.  Construction has already started. There is no doubt it’s going to be sweet! We have seen the master plan. But it’s not going to be ready until 2019 and it’s one expensive ticket.

OK, it’s one expensive world class experience.  There is also more work to be done, Frog Fans are ready to talk about another upgrade, Lupton Stadium.  Listen to the latest podcast with special guest Coach Schloss to hear more about his vision for the future of Lupton.  For now, it’s a ‘B’.

This brings us to the last subject that we will grade.

Communication:  It’s great to see that ADJD has improved his social media presence, as in, he started one.

Not bad, but still some room for improvement here, social media expectations are pretty high in Ft. Worth these days. He gets a ‘C’, for now.  See current Texas AD for pro tips…

We have it on good authority that ADJD has committed to being a special guest on the upcoming 100th podcast.  This may just bump him up and land him on the honor roll.  All in all, it’s a very good start for the youngest Athletic Director in the Big 12. Stay tuned…

Go Frogs!


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