Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?


Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

The hit song by Clash from 1982 may be buzzing in your ears.  Jim Schlossnagle has been the face of TCU Baseball since 2003. At the 2017 KillerFrogs’ State of the Frogdom Luncheon, then Athletic Director Chris Del Conte, may he rest in peace, said, Gary’s team may be the school’s Empire, but Schloss’ team is the brand.

Fast forward to 2018 and Coach Schloss is standing at a fork in the road.  Many can empathize with being at a crossroads in life.  The question is: Should I Stay or Should I Go?  It’s the large southern state school with a large fan-base vs. TCU, the school he loves, and the program he built.

Fans are following every lead. It’s literally giving real time meaning to tagline Lowering Office Productivity Since 1997.

Thanks for the 411, Ray, but hang in there, the Frog Faithful has not given up hope, yet.

TCU is accustomed to other programs drooling over Horned Frogs’ coaches.  It’s the price you pay for SUCCESS, nonetheless, some fans may never get used to it or handle it with grace.  It’s called PASSION.

The longhorns tried to herd Coach Schloss, aka JMFS, down to Austin before and failed.  Sorry BEVO, if Coach leaves, it’s not going to be for a fellow Big 12 foe: He is too Purple for that.

CAUTION, this next picture may cause nausea.  Sorry CDC, you look much better in Purple.

TCU fans are sitting on pins and needles waiting for the decision. What if Schloss leaves and Saarloos leaves for Rice, what then? What effects will this have on recruiting?  Who is going to be our coach? All legitimate concerns.  But, after 16 years of TCU tried and tested loyalty, Coach has probably earned the right to listen to other schools.

No matter what happens, TCU Baseball will go on and always be better thanks to Coach Schloss.  So while we wait; let’s take a look at some of the good times…

How were we to know that this was the start of something really special? Woo-Birds, Toad To Omaha, Lupton Magic, NEGU, 4-Peat; we had no clue.

Coach Schloss, always focuses on the C in Texas Christian University.

Let us never forget about our Super Hero Micah. Without Coach Schloss, we never would have known and loved Micah Ahern.  #NEGU will be tattooed on our hearts forever.  Micah, you have given the Horned Frog Family more than you could have ever imagined.

Winning on the field is extremely important, but it’s not everything.  Being a positive role model off the field is just as important. Coach Schloss sets a beautiful example of walking the walk and talking the talk.

TCU just does it right…

and with CLASS.

Oh, and by the way! TCU has also had its fair share of WINNING!

Did we mention the 700 WINS!!!???

So no matter where your walk takes you, Coach Schloss, you are a Horned Frog for life.  Godspeed. Go Frogs!



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