Pro Frogs Talk LeBron

Pro Frogs Talk LeBron


Pro Frogs Talk LeBron

We have 99 days until the NFL season begins. It seems the pro Frogs are all following the NBA post-season closely.

Tank, how good is LeBron James?  

That’s awesome Tank, agreed, but you two are also neighbors in Cleveland.  What do you other guys think?

Got it. So, when you guys sit down and watch the King play, what is going through your mind?

It can’t all be LeBron though, he has teammates that deserve some credit, right?

Does anyone here not like LeBron?

You think most people realize that they are watching greatness in action?

Ok, so what about the older generation that grew up watching Michael Jordan. What do you think?

Thanks, Coach Luper, for sharing that. You know, it does seem like LeBron is always playing in the finals. 

Well that is impressive!  LeBron is back in action for Game 1 of the NBA Finals, Thursday, May 31st. #Witness #Greatness #King #GOAT


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