Breaking Down The TCU Quarterback Competition Using the Beer Bottle QB's Proprietary Algorithm

Breaking Down The TCU Quarterback Competition Using the Beer Bottle QB's Proprietary Algorithm

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Breaking Down The TCU Quarterback Competition Using the Beer Bottle QB's Proprietary Algorithm

I’m not going to sit here and tell you I’ve got the inside scoop on the QB competition like all the “media experts” out there, but I am going to give you the quick hitter break down of the TCU QB competition like you’ve never seen before!

We have developed an in depth proprietary algorithm to evaluate the Frogs QB talent by cutting the BS, taking into account all of the metrics that matter most.

Let’s start with the single most important metric of all. In the age of social media, we all know that nothing matters more than the almighty Insta. More followers equals more success. It’s just facts that we can’t deny.

Baker Mayfield: 617K followers

That’s more than Josh AllenJosh Rosen and Sam Darnold combined (only 208.3K total… can you say bust).

Let’s see how the analytics worked out in the NFL draft… BOOM. Baker goes number 1! The Beer Bottle QB’s are simply the first to master the Instagram follower to football success ratio. I’m not saying we are the smartest football analysts out there, but the facts don’t lie.

So, let’s take a look at how algorithm rated the TCU depth chart:

  1. Justin JG1 Rogers- 8,409 Followers (@_justinrogers)
  2. Shawn Robinson- 2,665 Followers (@dshawnera_12era)
  3. Grayson Muehlstein- 1,726 Followers (@graymuehl_17) 
  4. Karson Ringdahl- 1,631 Followers (@karsonringdahl) 
  5. Mike Collins 1,174 Followers (@mco1lin5)

You may be surprised. A side effect of being so far ahead of the rest of the world is that conventional thinking has not caught up with our advanced Instagram following algorithm.

So we broke out the tape and analyzed them the traditional way:

  1. Shawn Robinson: he was a stud coming out of high school and he certainly showed flashes of that talent last year in his limited action. Where he really excelled was in the ground game rushing for 159 yards on 23 attempts. If he can show that he has the arm and intelligence to match in the passing game he is certainly bound for greatness as the next star TCU quarterback. His high school stats display his superstar potential during his career at the highest level of high school football in the nation passed for over 7,500 yards and added another 4,000+ in the rushing game. He is also a son of a coach which is every college coaches’ dream when it comes to the QB position. He’s a disciplined kid who works hard and should be able to make the transfer from spot player to starting QB fairly seamlessly this fall.
  2. Michael Collins: this kid is certainly the biggest surprise in the QB competition. He’s an Ivy league transfer from Connecticut… what?? Ivy League transfer is not something I have ever heard of when talking about a Division 1 QB competition but what the hell, there is a first for everything. He is obviously intelligent and should be able to master the system quickly. He was a stand out high school player in Connecticut passing for over 6,000 yards and 89 TD’s and a 3X State Champion. You gotta love a winner. Watching his HS tape, he looks like a monster. He towers over the rest of the kids on the field and just looks downright impressive. He has a big arm, puts touch on the long ball, and can hit the spots when he needs to. He looks like your prototypical pocket passer, the guy that can stand up and sling the ball all around the field. The drawback is that his first year of real competition came against the TCU defense as a scout team QB last season. That being said, that’s not a bad place to have your first Big 12 experience. If Shawn struggles early, don’t be shocked if Collins is given a shot. He mirrors all of those Tech quarterbacks under Leach who didn’t play a down until their senior and then throw for 10,000 yards off the bench.
  3. Grayson Muehlstein: Greyson was my scout team QB for a year when I was a GA. He doesn’t have the huge arm as some of these other guys, but he can still hit some spots and has improved his accuracy a ton since he first came on campus. He’s also a great athlete that can tuck the ball and go if need be. He probably won’t see much action this year but its always nice to have at least one guy that’s been in the system for more than two years.
  4. Karson Ringdahl: No idea who this kid is but watched his tape and he doesn’t look terrible. Most likely he will be slinging the rock on scout team all season, which is a very important job. You have to do it because you throw a lot of interceptions and you have to deal with Gary’s wrath if you F^&* anything up. Mad respect from me if he sticks around all four years.
  5. Justin JG1 Rogers: our algorithm’s top guy. The only reason he is 5 here is because he is most likely going to be redshirted this season. This is the type of player QB coaches dream about. He’s big, athletic, and has an absolute ROCKET LAUNCHER for an arm. Just watch the tape and see for yourself. The only thing I currently see as an issue is his knee injury last fall. Coming back from knee injuries are always difficult and could be career changing. Also if Shawn kills it this year then it may be very hard to keep him around. He’s a potential star and most stars don’t love the idea of sitting behind another QB for two years before getting his shot.

QB Comparisons: Everyone loves to compare current players to previous ones so we are going to jump on that bandwagon.

Shawn Robinson: I see him as a cross between Vince Young and Trevone Boykin. He has the size and fluidity of Vince, with the quickness and arm of Trevone. I think he has the potential to be better than both.

Justin Rogers: Something about him just screams Cam Newton to me. Its a combo of his size, arm strength, and how he moves. If this comparison is even close to correct then TCU fans are in for a real treat over the next few seasons.

Michael Collins: He reminds me of Brandon Weedon, A guy from a unique background but has plenty of talent and can down right sling the rock. He’s also a guy that is very likely to stick around and wait for his shot. All the potential is there he just has to wait for his opportunity.

Grayson Muehlstein: Chance Mock is the clear choice for me here. A guy who was highly recruited in the state of Texas but was ultimately doomed to the career backup role because of higher profile QB talent being brought in. Mock backed up Major Applewhite and Chris Simms, before Vince Young usurped the role right from under him when reaching campus . Muehlstein backed up Trevone Boykin and Kenny Hill and will now mostly likely take up a back up role again to Shawn Robinson.

Karson Ringdahl: The legendary Rick Settle comes to mind for old Karson, a guy who is going to be a career back up but was a solid high school talent. A guy that will provide much needed looks for the starting defense while reaping all of the field benefits of being the TCU quarterback.

Now that we have broken it all down for you, we’ll let you decide which way is best. Whats a better way to evaluate the QB competition, The Beer Bottle QB’s Proprietary Algorithm or breaking down the tape the old fashion way?

-The Beer Bottle QB’s

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