College Football's Problem

College Football's Problem


College Football's Problem

The University of Central Florida is the 2017 College Football National Champions.  If you don’t believe me, just ask them.  This may be news to many fans who watched the College Football Invitational and didn’t see them even in it.  You are not mistaken, they were not there.  Alabama was present and defeated Georgia 26-23 in the playoff championship game.  However, this has not prevented UCF from claiming the title as their own.

Alabama and UCF were not given the opportunity to settle it on the field so it appears they are taking it to twitter.

Has Alabama done this in the past themselves?

Did UCF deserve to be in the playoffs?  Probably, but the fact is the College Football Invitational didn’t pick them.  They picked Alabama.

Since UCF has officially claimed the 2017 National Championship as their own, should other schools do the same?  Should TCU claim the 2010 and 2014 National Championships?  The 2010 team was undefeated and won the Rose Bowl game.  They are surely just as entitled as this 2017 UCF team.  How about the 2014 TCU team?  This team was ranked #3 after their last regular season game.  TCU somehow didn’t get the College Invitational invite and went on to destroy Ole Miss in the Peach Bowl 42-3.


So how about it TCU fans?  Should a banner be raised and some rings be made?


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